A Dog and a Horse and Fun

I never thought of a horse as a playful animal. But I don’t know much about horses. So when I see a horse and a dog romping together, I can’t help wondering, “Who put them up to this?” And you can’t get either of ’em to play poker.

8 comments on “A Dog and a Horse and Fun

  1. Who invented play? It had to come from God’s provisions, that we could find certain activities enjoyable, and that among these activities, there would be some that were especially carefree, and light-hearted. Also, we learn from play, as well. When I built imaginary roads with my Tonka Toys, I was also learning some practical things. I miss those days.

    1. And they are part of who you are, to this day.

      For children, play is vital. I suspect that it’s important for animals, as well. Recently, I’ve come to the conclusion that many mysterious feline behaviors are frequently just a cat, goofing around, playing, having some fun.

    2. They’d play with us more than with each other; but when the lights went out, it was time for them to wrestle. Turn the lights back on, and you’d see them acting innocent.

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