A Wee Snow Break?

Yeah, sure, I’ve got stuff to write, no shortage of it–but would you mind if I had my cigar and took a snow break? I’d like to enjoy the snowflakes while they’re here. So much more enjoyable than nuisance phone calls.

(What’s with the lizard?)

Oh, I just love these little guys–green anoles, aka pet-store chameleons. The head-bobbing and the strawberry throat fan are threat displays, warning the human with the camera to back off if he knows what’s good for him. As pets, they get very tame and you can have a lot of fun with them. But they won’t do threat displays anymore… except to each other, now and then. Maybe they’re just keeping in practice.

4 comments on “A Wee Snow Break?

  1. We had a sun and rain break yesterday. How nice it was to see the sun, at least for a while. But it rained again last night and is still raining as I write this.

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