What Price ‘Diversity’?

Policeman and prisoner in a jail cell Stock Photo - Alamy

“Okay, come on out, you’re hired! Let’s get you fitted for a uniform.”

The London police force is hiring illiterates and persons with criminal records in a frantic effort to meet its “diversity” goals (https://www.newswars.com/london-police-recruiting-illiterate-officers-who-can-barely-write-english-to-meet-diversity-quotas/).

How come we don’t see that on any of the British cop shows that we watch?

See, the Metropolitan Police wanted its force to be 40% “minorities” by 2023 and they’re nowhere near getting it–only 17% so far.

And so, in order to meet those cherished “diversity” goals, they’re hiring persons who can’t read or write English and who may have criminal records–like, anyone will do as long as he’s not white!

Sheesh, you’d think they were looking for a Democrat vice presidential candidate, not a police officer.

Well, okay, sure. As long as there aren’t too many whites in it, why not a great city police force full of thugs and thieves and persons who couldn’t fill out a report if their lives depended on it? Like, who’s gonna complain?

We’ve even got a slogan: “Fight Racism with More Racism!”

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  1. People with criminal records don’t sound like good candidates for law enforcement, to me. Literacy seems like a pretty obvious requirement, too.

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