Running on Empty

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I’ve reached that point where all the nooze stories coalesce into one swirling, stinking chaos. Or to put it another way, my morale is hurting.

My book, Behold!, should have been out by now. But there’s a paper shortage. Things don’t work very well, since SloJo’s in the White House.

The sun is shining, for a change. My wife is after me to go out and get some exercise. I’d like to find that magic post that brings back the 100-plus readers that I’ve lost per day, but I have yet to discover what that is.

All right, I’ll take a hike. I don’t know what I want to write about this morning, anyway.

Here goes…

2 comments on “Running on Empty

  1. The news is not good. We are in a bad time, right now. All we can do is rely on God for the problems beyond our control.

  2. Cheer up brother, you are just out of paper…Yeah, I do understand what is happening in the USA and other places around the world, and it’s not good. And some of those kinds of things have had a bit of an effect on us here, especially with mail and delivery services. And at times some prices for food items have gone up almost a thousand percent! Only to go back down a week or two later. The price of rice has remained very stable, which is a good thing, for rice is eaten at every meal. And you will find rice served at McDonald’s and every other fast-food place.

    Here, it’s still raining every day, but for the last four days, we did get an hour or two of sunshine. We experience small quakes all the time, and always wonder, just how bad it might get. A few days ago, we had a 6.0 quake, which epicenter was about 80 miles south of us. Yeah, things were really shaking for almost a minute in our apartment, but it held together. Didn’t see any damage. Yesterday, the power went out for almost 8 hours. The power goes out a few times every week, and you never know when it will go out, or if it will be for a few minutes or many hours. After heavy rains, the water will always be off for a few hours. We keep big buckets of water stored in the bathroom for use, when the water is off. These kinds of things are normal around here. Nevertheless, I still hate it when we need to use candles to see what we are eating, because the power is out.

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