Looke Sky Waulker He Is ‘A’ Lisbian!!!

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I knew it I knew it! Looke Sky Waulker, the one “in” Star Wors, HE IS A LISBIAN!!!!!!!! Haow grate “is” that???

This heer it comes Fromb “a” Fan Paige sumbware so yiu Know “it”s” trooe!!! I awlyaws thinked “Thare was” sumbthing spacial abuot himb!!!! That thare beerd it Diddnt fuel me at awl!!

Nhaow it “is” a Facked “that” Star Wors it awl reely hapend In Ouwter Spase!!! But i bett no boddy knowd that awl themb peple In It thay “Are” awl reel peple!!!!! The whole Ouwter Spase it “is” popplated by Gay and Lisbien peeple!! That “is” haow thay Are Smart enuough to maik Star Shippes and Lite Saybers!!!!! We doughnt has themb Heer On Erth becose of Homeo-fobier!!!! ((Ackturaly i oncet Met sumb gye he hadded a Lyte Sayber, he buyed it In Canssas!!))

And Darth Vader he is Darnold Trumpt!!!!!

Waht this heer Collidge “it neeeds” moar than enny thing it “is a” deegree pogrom in Star Wors Studdies!!!!! We cant effOrd “to” fawl Behined themb otther collidges!!!!

So neckst “time yiu” whach Star Wors, jist rememember,, It “is” a Gay Gallacksy ouwt thare!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. There are already some universities that have entire courses in Star Wars, usually included in Popular Culture Studies divisions and majors within various departments, and in some cases interdisciplinary majors in Popular Culture Studies. I regret to say that Joe’s collidge sometimes lags behind current “colleges.”

    1. Well, remember, the whole point of the injected moth hormones was not to grow antennae, but to cause a gender reassignment. It didn’t work, probably because of Income Inequality. Or Climbit Change.

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