Whole Governing Body Exits Democrat Party

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A few days ago the mayor and the entire town council of East Hanover, NJ, renounced their membership in the Democrat Party and declared themselves Republicans (https://www.foxnews.com/politics/new-jersey-township-elected-board-switch-parties-democrat-republican). One of them said they were tired of being in “an elitist cabal.” Others said they were fed up with “woke.” [Dems don’t care how fed up we are: they know how to steal elections.]

Also mentioned were Democrat “nastiness, rhetoric, and social media vitriol.”

Uh, well… yeah!

Hey, rest of the country! If this can be done in New Jersey, I’m pretty sure it can be done in your state, too. If you’re not here illegally, not a practicing criminal, and don’t own either an abortion abattoir or a program to “gender reassign” little boys and girls… what has the Democrat Party ever done for you?

And how about… what has it ever done to you?

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  1. Last night at our City Elders meeting we had Col. Conrad Reynolds a retired military intelligence officer, explain to us how voting machines have to go. He has so far had one county, Cleburne, AR go strictly to paper ballots (you know, how we used to do it before the federal gov’t gave states grant money to buy voting machines) and how our group is committed to getting only paper ballots in our county – this is revolutionary, exciting stuff! Col. Reynolds is meeting with President Donald Trump this coming Tuesday who is also for paper ballots only, and why shouldn’t Trump be since they stole the 2020 election from him.

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