‘Big Brother Still Watching… And Still Hungry’ (2015)

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“You ain’t gettin’ off this floor till you do me a hundred pushups, kid!”

Big Government has an insatiable hunger for our freedoms–all our freedoms. And the persons who have that hunger just will not leave us alone.

Here’s some mischief from the Obama Era. God knows what they’re getting up to now, eight years later.

Big Brother Still Watching… and Still Hungry

Here all they wanted to do was turn our lives into a perpetual high school gym class with a surly teacher who makes us do calisthenics all period long. Oh–and spy on us, in case we eat unauthorized snacks without their written permission.

Liberals–wiping out adulthood, one life at a time.

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  1. Power is an addiction. As with all addictions, after a while a tolerance level is reached and the addict must have more and more to maintain the buzz. Nothing is ever enough.

    1. That’s it, exactly. Look at Fauci; he went from masks do no good to everyone needs three of them. IMO, it was a power trip. Power is a potent drug.

    2. Once upon a time the Romans didn’t trust absolute power. But their wisdom eventually failed them–a calamity our country’s founders tried their level best to avoid.

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