A Hippocratic Oaf

Bugs Bunny Daffy Duck Art - Doctor Art - Hypo-Duck-Riac @ Chuck Jones  Gallery — Chuck Jones Catalog 2023

Columbia University has a new Hippocratic Oath for new, Far Left Crazy-educated doctors. It’s very, very long. It has to be: it’s full of that much hot air (https://whyevolutionistrue.com/2023/02/16/white-coat-ceremony-oath-at-columbia-university/#:~:text=Class%20of%202025%20Oath&text=We%20take%20this%20oath%20of,and%20communities%20I%20will%20serve.)

I promise you, if you try to read this freakin’ thing out loud, you’ll gag.

My sister, a health care professional, makes a point of avoiding young doctors… but only because their education has been more about political conformity than medical practice. “The patient died, but I celebrate diversity!”

Hey! Is there anything in America that “woke” isn’t destroying? Crikey! Out in Minnesota they’ve got their young doctors “confessing” that modern Western medicine is not any better than ancient witch doctors’ mumbo-jumbo.

And maybe, by now, that’s true.

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    1. It will happen. The question is how much damage will take place in the meantime.

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