Stand Up and Cheer! Good Guys Win Holland’s Elections

2021 Dutch general election - Wikipedia

The dark blue is where the Farmers Movement won!

They held their elections in Netherlands this week–and the populist Farmers Movement, only three years since it was founded–swept the slate, winning in all the country’s provinces but one (

Go ahead–tell me this was anything but a thumping loud rejection of the ruling People’s Party and its embrace of globalism at the expense of Dutch farmers and consumers.

Holland is not out of the woods yet: the Farmers Movement has not gained control of the government. The globalists can still get together with faux conservatives and form a dominant coalition in the legislature. So we will see if elections still have “consequences” when the good guys win.

Whatever the case, the people have spoken loud and clear: “We don’t want your World Economic Fund horse-s***!” Maybe the government had better listen.

4 comments on “Stand Up and Cheer! Good Guys Win Holland’s Elections

  1. I expect to see more of this. Every rational person realizes by now that the globalist’s utopia is really a nightmare.

  2. Good news is always welcomed. And this kind of good news is always hated by evil globalists.

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