The Fambly It ‘Has’ Got To Go!!! Abolish the Family: A Manifesto for Care and Liberation  (Audible Audio Edition): Sophie Lewis, Sophie Lewis, Sophie Lewis: Books

This heer Book we has to reed “it” foar Nothing Studdies and it is Grate! evin thoh “it has got” a lott of big wurds “In” it witch maiks it harrd to reed!!!!

Imadjin haow up-sett I was wen I fowned Out “that” lasst yeer somb tyme My stopid fambly thay sed i was Dedd and helled a Fhyunrel foar me and thay diddnt evin “in-vyte” me to my oan fhyunrel!!!!!!  Thay woont let me back in the howse ether!!

Whel! We cauld a Emirjintsy Meting “of” the Stoodint Soviet and we voatid Unaminusly that the Fambly it is no good and “it ownly” getts In The Way “Of Socile Jutstus and so it has got “tobe” abbolisht!!!! No moar Fambly!!

We de-manned that fromb nhow On kidds in skool thay shood Awl! get Ginder Re-assinemint and chainge thare Secks and thatll “taik cair” of the Fambly oncet And fore Awl!!!! and if pairints thay doughnt lyke it then Educayters thay shood be abble to “throe The Pairrints “in” “Jale”!”!” The FBI thay wil know witch pairrints “Are” the reel trubble Maikers!!!!!

Sumb Hater Biggit thay sayed “Iff yiu do” that yiu whil maik evry boddy Stareile and thare woont “be” no moar peple, so sicks (*^6) of us we beet himb Up!!!! Sheesh, evry boddy knows we can jist re-plaice peple With Rowbotts!!!!!! and thay whil awl “be” pogrommed to beleeve in Socile Jutstus!!!!! And that sowlves awl “Our Prombles!””

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