Stand Up and Cheer! Good Guys Win Holland’s Elections

2021 Dutch general election - Wikipedia

The dark blue is where the Farmers Movement won!

They held their elections in Netherlands this week–and the populist Farmers Movement, only three years since it was founded–swept the slate, winning in all the country’s provinces but one (

Go ahead–tell me this was anything but a thumping loud rejection of the ruling People’s Party and its embrace of globalism at the expense of Dutch farmers and consumers.

Holland is not out of the woods yet: the Farmers Movement has not gained control of the government. The globalists can still get together with faux conservatives and form a dominant coalition in the legislature. So we will see if elections still have “consequences” when the good guys win.

Whatever the case, the people have spoken loud and clear: “We don’t want your World Economic Fund horse-s***!” Maybe the government had better listen.

Pushback! Tennessee Bans ‘Drag’ Shows

Scarlet Tanager

I don’t post pictures of drag queens. Here’s a nice scarlet tanager instead.

Tennessee a few days ago became the first state to ban “drag queen” shows on public property near schools, including schools ( The state also banned “gender transition surgery” for minors.

Other states seem poised to do the same–Idaho, Kentucky, North Dakota, Montana, Oklahoma, and Utah.

We need to pray it’s not too late. It already is too late for some–children who will be sterile, and in need of medical attention, for the rest of their lives.

This is an inexplicable chapter of world history, this transgender mania. Maybe it’s the work of Satan. Nothing else seems to account for it.

Even so, we can rejoice that at least some of our states are trying to save the ship before it sinks.

Ottawa County (Michigan) Cleans House

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The house that Woke built! Ottawa County says “No more!”

Voters in Ottawa County, Michigan, elected eight candidates, backed by the conservative Ottawa Impact PAC, to their county commission by an overwhelming majority–and ousted seven left-leaning “woke” RINOs ( Conservatives now hold nine of eleven seats on the county government.

When they took their oaths of office a few days ago, the new commissioners immediately voted to eliminate all “Diversity, Equity and Inclusion” programs in the county. At their first meeting, no less! And then they fired the county administrator on the spot–he’s out, out, out. And so is his Marxist agenda.

So it can be done! And must be done, throughout the country. The good guys can win local elections! They can put a stop to the woke madness that’s devouring our communities, our schools, and everything else it can sink its fangs into.

If Ottawa County can do it, so can other counties.


My Newswithviews Column, June 10 (‘Christian Bloggers, Unite!’)

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Big Tech is suppressing speech by Christian and conservative bloggers. What to do?

Unite! Come together in mutal support. See, I’ve already started it.

Christian Bloggers, Unite!

If they thought they’d get away with just banning us all outright, they would’ve done it by now. That hesitation points to an achilles heel somewhere. They may be huge, wealthy, and powerful; but they are not invulnerable.

We can do this together! And what are we waiting for?

‘So What Are They Gonna Do About It?’ (2017)

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We do not have to let the bad guys win! We do not have to bend the knee to them.

Here’s a young woman who stood up to them all by herself, four years ago. Our country needs more like her.

So What Are They Gonna Do About It?

Don’t you just love it when leftids say “it’s against the law!” to speak the name of Jesus Christ? What law was that? what Congress passed it? What president signed it?

Well, they were hoping no one would press them for details.