It’s About Time Someone Said This!

You’re applying for a job, and you tell your prospective employer what “pronouns” he or she must use when speaking to you…

And boy, howdy, this is what the employer in this video thinks of that! She totally unloads on what kind of dindle you are certain to be. And why in the world would she even think about hiring you?

College–it not only makes you stupid; it makes you unemployable.

4 comments on “It’s About Time Someone Said This!

  1. She’s right! When someone is so wrapped up in his or her “thing” (flashing back to the ’70s), that “thing” dominates his or her life and is the driving force. It’s on his or her mind all the time so he or she won’t be as efficient because he or she has to be on guard watching and listening for statements or actions that are offensive to him or her. He or she won’t be a team player because he or she cannot see beyond his or her own little world.

    1. I am reading a book “City on a Hill” by Philip Graham Ryken. He describes the same thing as part of the problem in American culture. He writes:

      “Relativism is radical skepticism, the rejection of absolute truth…Narcissism is radical individualism, or infatuation with the self …There has always been a narcissistic tendency in American culture, but we are now entering an era of radical selfishness and unbridled individualism. What is new is that being self-centered is now considered a virtue … Taken together, the relativistic mind and the narcissistic heart explain a good deal about what is wrong with America today.”

      How awful would it be to work in a company with hundreds of employees, and every one of them had a relativistic mind and narcissistic heart.

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