‘Are You Ready for “Smart Chips”?’ (2019)

Smart Larry with red accent – hand puppet – ewoolacraft.com

Just add Smart Chips, and you’ve got a genius here!

Can bumbling puffed-up dindles invent technology that will make them super-intelligent? Will John Kerry and Joe Biden become true philosopher-kings?

Hint: No.

Are You Ready for ‘Smart Chips’?

Do they really, truly believe that regurgitating content from Wikipedia makes you intelligent? (Hint: Yes.) Well, I said they were dindles, didn’t it?

But when it comes to “Artificial Intelligence,” it’s damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead… until suddenly you hit the rocks.

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  1. I only use Wikipedia to find out when people are born and if they have died. Besides that, it is worthless leftist dung.

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