Doing Enough For Your Cats?

Boy, somebody remodeled a whole room for his cats and kittens. What, no see-saw? These cats have got it made. We wouldn’t dream of doing as much for our pet turtles or hamsters. What is this mysterious hold cats have over humans?

2 comments on “Doing Enough For Your Cats?

  1. Actually, I’m glad to see that he’s finally given his cats something to do, instead of the totally bare rooms he started with, having dismantled the cat tree and other toys he had in his previous apartment when he moved. But now that he’s had two litters from the original cats (the father cat was the original “tiny kitten”), he seems to be ignoring the older cats, including the one from the first litter (the only survivor from that litter).

    By the way, those serious-looking faces are inherited from their mother, a British shorthair. That breed has round faces and round, almost sad-looking eyes. You may be able to catch a glimpse of Mimi, the mother cat, in the background.

    1. I didn’t see those other videos.
      One can have too many animals. I had too many mice and couldn’t treat them equally.

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