Too Weird for Words (The Latest Public Schooling Outrage)

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Do they get extra credit for this?

Here’s a new one on me–a whole new way of using “public education” to make people stupid.

A middle school teacher in Florida has been suspended and is being “investigated” for arranging fights between sixth-grade girls in her classroom: a kind of in-class “fight club” (

The teacher is 23 years old–not much older than her students. In what may be the understatement of the year, she admitted having “poor classroom management skills.” Supposedly there are videos of her sitting at her desk admonishing girls “no screaming, no pulling hair, no phones” as they battled it out on the classroom floor.

Sheesh. How long was this going on before anybody noticed?

But don’t worry–it’s only one of tens of thousands of completely isolated incidents involving other people’s public schools. Your public school is bound to be just jim-dandy.

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    1. I was never part of the in crowd. Instead of being part of the fight club, I was forced to walk into walls, and trip over things. 🙂

    2. I was a target, for a long time. One time, three guys jumped me and I started swinging. The bullying stopped … instantly.

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