You Asked for It: ‘Green Acres’ Theme Song

Several readers have mentioned Green Acres as one of their favorite TV theme songs. I’ll go along with that. The show ran for six seasons (1965-71), with Eddie Albert and Eva Gabor as the stars. Catch it on YouTube–it’s still extremely funny, and in some ways far ahead of its time. When the characters on the screen get distracted by the background music and wonder where it’s coming from, that’s funny!

We’re reminiscing about TV theme songs because we live in evil and turbulent times and we can’t keep fighting and working without kicking back for a breather now and then. Be thankful that God has kept laughter in our world. He knows we need it.

13 comments on “You Asked for It: ‘Green Acres’ Theme Song

    1. Not being demonically inspired may have helped. 🙂 What very little TV I’ve seen in the last 30 years or so seems to be little more (or less) than lessons in bad behavior.

    2. What gets me is that they seem to want to pay homage to every subdivision of humanity, in every episode. I would not be at all surprised if they started to bring in child molesters, as sympathetic characters, on some of these shows.

      I understand that my values are not shared by everyone. It is my endeavor to treat others with respect, even if they have far different values than I, and I do this successfully. One thing I don’t need is constant reminders of this, and I don’t need coaching in how to respect others. I am sincere in my respect for people with different values. As long as they are not harming the innocent, I leave them to live as they see fit, and mind my own business.

      In my working years, I’ve had coworkers that were devout Muslims, and while this is far different from my faith, I can respect their right to practice their faith. I’ve worked with cult members, as well. I’ve worked with Native Americans, extensively, and get along with their community quite well, even though their culture, customs and beliefs are sometimes quite different from mine. (One thing I will mention is that many Native American people have deep respect for Creator {used as a proper noun} and many accept both the Bible, and Christ as their Savior.)

      Diversity is all well and good, but it starts with simple love of neighbor, and respect for others. While I respect others, and respect their right to make choices different from my own, this does not mean that I will follow their paths, if their path differed from the values I live by.

    3. It’s really ridiculous. It’s like you have to blow a horn when you walk in the door and read a list over every group you intend to treat inclusively. Hey, I have an idea; how about just treating everyone with respect, instead of crowing publicly about your tolerance?

    4. In virtually every scene of this absurd episode, they had to crowd the room with representatives of every ethic and grievance group they could think of. It reminded me of a scene in Woody Allen’s “Take the Money and Run”–what happens when one guy on the chain gang has to use the tiny little lavatory–where do you put the rest of them?

    5. The Left is putting themselves on a self imposed chain gang. It won’t go well for them, but in the meantime, they are making a lot of trouble for everyone else. Woke is not impressive, to many people. Look what’s happened to Bud Light.

    1. That may be my all-time favorite TV theme song–even though I wasn’t allowed to stay up to watch the show (unless I was sleeping over at my grammy’s).

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