Hapy Gnu Yeer!!!!!

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Like wow, 20’22! It “is” Goingto “be” “a” Grate yeer!

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**We “are” Goingto Fiht, fiht, fihtt foar Eaqwool Out-Comes “in” awl academmle subbjicks… EVRY BODDY GETS A “A” in EVBRY COARSE!!!!!!!! StrateA stoodints thay get goood Things in Lyfe!!!!

**Awl Pro Nowns thay musst “be” Chainged evvry day!!!!! to avoid diskrimpinasion! Yiu cannnot Use “the” samb Pro Nowns twoo days “In A” rhow!@!!!! And iff That doughnt whork,, Then we whil has to Ordure awl Naimes to “be Ch”ainged” tooo!!!!! Evvry day!!!!

**I doughnt Know wye we “has thiss” one butt we Awl “voated” foar It!! Fromb nhow On evrry Boddy heer At Collidge thay has to go to The “Pet Stoar” oncet a weak and Talk Spanisch “to” The “troprickle Fisch”!”!” It has got sumb Thing “to Doo” whith Socile Jutstus!!!!!

And nhow we Are “whayting” fore The Gnus showe Up!!!!!!!!

‘Child Suspended from School for ‘Threat’ to Use Magic Ring’ (2015)

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I re-run this post every now and then because it drives home two major points:

1. Public education is beyond repair. Get out while you can.

2. Living in a Red State like Texas means nothing at all; the same wacko “educatorxs” control public schooling in all 50 states.

Child Suspended from School for ‘Threat’ to Use Magic Ring

How is it even possible to “threaten” anybody with a magic ring? Do “teachers” not understand that there is no such thing? This, by the way, was the Kermit Elementary School–named for Kermit the Frog?–in Texas. You don’t have to be in Massachusetts or California for your kids to be “educated” by idiots.

Why are your children still in public school? What kind of magic have they used on you?

Cleaning Up Mess Is… ‘Violence’ (?)

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Ooh-ooh! Violence!

In the bizarre World of Woke–gee, you could almost turn it into a theme park for ninnies: WokeWorld–things that would normally be considered good are denounced as bad. More often than not, the denouncing is done by dopes representing a college.

Take this scenario (https://freebeacon.com/campus/yale-group-says-students-who-cleaned-litter-from-homeless-camp-committed-violence/). *Homeless take over city park in New Haven, CT–home of Yale University, bastion of applied stupidity. *City orders police to evict them. *After they’re evicted, students from Yale volunteer to clean up the mess left behind. *University calls this cleanup “violence” and terminates its relationship with the Dept. of Parks and Trees.

Leftids call it “violence” if you say or do anything they disapprove of, or fail to say or do anything they want you to do. It’s all “violence.” Silence is violence. Cleaning up after the homeless is violence.

Of what value can it possibly be, to be “educated” by fools like that?

My Newswithviews Column, Aug. 11 (‘Caution–Educators at Work’)

Parents at Inderkum High School in Sacramento had called on the district to fire AP Government teacher Gabriel Gipe after he was caught on video in September discussing the flag with Project Veritas, a far-right media group

“Advanced Placement Government” teacher in a public high school–on your dime, people! This is what you’re getting for your school tax dollars.

It’s not a challenge anymore, to find public education outrage stories. New ones surface every day.

Even so, these two stories do more than make you wonder if you’ve strayed into someone else’s delusion.

Caution! – ‘Educators’ at Work

How many of your teachers, guidance counselors, principals, or school board members were either racketeers or communist wack-jobs? What–none of that would have been allowed, back then?

Tell me how these shenanigans in public “education” do anything but undermine our country, or society, or even our individual personalities?

It really has to stop. One way or another.

Morons Invading the Past

Not content to plague our present and jeopardize our future, Woke morons are now invading our past by demanding that anthropologists studying ancient remains stop classifying them according to “gender”–no more male or female skeletons (https://www.thecollegefix.com/gender-activists-push-to-bar-anthropologists-from-identifying-human-remains-as-male-or-female/).

This is so asinine that a lot of readers are convinced it’s just a satire. Sorry, it’s real.

Gender activists push to bar anthropologists from identifying human remains as ‘male’ or ‘female’

See, they can’t, like, ask a thousand-year-old skeleton which “gender” he/she/it “identifies as.” So better not classify it as anything. “Race” is out, too. So if you dig up a 1,500-year-old skeleton, it just might have belonged to a “non-binary individual” who “identified as” one of 50 or 60 made-up “genders” while pursuing xer career as a community pest.

We’re getting this from a group of self-proclaimed “gender activists” called “the Trans Doe Task Force.” Spokesfreak is a “master’s degree candidate“–and you thought real scholarship was dead!

They have not forgotten to put the words “male” and “female” in quotation marks to remind us all that these evil sexist cis-terms are now outmoded and gender is like completely totally fluid and you can be a boy one day and a girl the next [falls to the ground panting, with pink foam oozing out of ears].

Hey, out there! Can anybody, anybody at all, offer a reason, even a freaking silly reason, why any normal people ought to go along with this? Come on, I’m waiting to hear it!

And while you’re at it, we’d also like to hear a reason why our colleges and universities shouldn’t be de-funded rather than being paid handsomely to turn out pure crapola.

‘Bible Study Without the Bible’ (2015)

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Bible study without a Bible. It makes me think of Michelle Obama’s “smores” without chocolate or marshmallow.

Bible Study Without the Bible

The church I was brought up in, I don’t go to anymore. Not since the new pastor said adultery was “no big deal” and warned me against taking the Bible too seriously. Then they put up a sign urging the erasure of all our country’s immigration laws.

I’m sure this character “studied the Bible” in seminary–whatever “studied” means, out there in dindle-land.

‘Stupid Authorities Crash Down on 9-Year-Old for Calling Brownies “Brownies”‘ (2016)

Plate of Brownies Picture | Free Photograph | Photos Public Domain

What’re we supposed to call ’em anymore?

What do you need, to prove that your country is convulsed with racism and needs strict supervision?

Well, a lot of “racial incidents,” of course.

And how do you get them?

Why, you make them up! Like so:

Stupid Authorities Crash Down on 9-Year-Old for Calling Brownies ‘Brownies’

So a little kid calls a brownie a brownie and here come the cops and voila, we’ve got another lovely racial incident! And we need our rights suspended. Or a global government.

Oh, God, deliver us out of their hands!

‘Rutgers Prof: “White People Own Time”‘ (2019)

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Good Lord, I actually went to this so-called university! And worked jobs I hated, to pay for it. What was I thinking?

Rutgers, the state university of New Jersey–where young minds go to die… poisoned by stuff like this.

Rutgers Prof: ‘White People Own Time’

If anybody talked like this about “black” or “brown” people, he’d be buried in an avalanche of hurt. But the looniversities spew hatred of white people every day of the year, and all they get is more and more and more of our money. (The Rutgers football coach is the highest-paid public employee in New Jersey. Sweet!)

Pray and work, work and pray, for an end to all this wicked foolishness.

‘Where Do Idiots Come From?’ (2018)

Image result for images of empty head no brains

This was written before we all saw–to our horror–just how many idiots can be jammed into a single presidential administration. But it shouldn’t have surprised us.

Where Do Idiots Come From?

They are generated by our so-called education system, by our degraded popular culture, by politicians, noozies, “teachers,” and a multitude of mountebanks.

We’ve been stocking up on idiots for many years now, and someday that bill is going to come due. Maybe it already has…

‘A Free Ride for Every Drone?’ (2015)

Remember “Occupy Wall Street”? Wasn’t that fun? And Rolling Stone gave tons of exposure to the dangle who was leading it.

The idea was, “Work blows,” and lazy ne’er-do-wells should be paid by the government just for existing. Well, heck, somebody has to play all those video games.

A Free Ride for Every Drone?

We don’t hear much from Occupy Wall Street anymore, but the crackpot ideology remains. I wonder how many college students now believe they’ll never have to work. We’ve got socialists in Congress now.

Honk if you believe our education system, which preaches this slop, is going to kill our country.