‘Even More Incredible: “Have Sex With the Earth!”‘ (2017)

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I think I can fairly say that in all my days in high school, and in college, too, I never once heard a teacher get up in front of the class and say something positively asinine.

What a difference a lifetime makes.

Even More Incredible: ‘Have Sex with the Earth’

Y’know, I think I could put together a fairly thick book just from blog posts on teachers and professors saying things not only asinine, but out-and-out stupid, up-front loony, or even solidly depraved. And parents are paying thousands and thousands of dollars to get it!

America cannot survive its “higher education” system. Just plain can’t.

‘Your School Tax Dollars at Work: P&J Sandwiches Are “Racist”‘ (2017)

In addition to being one of the stupidest things I ever heard of, this item shows that “educators” have had years to turn our schools into idiocy factories.

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So the principal at Harvey Scott K-8 School in the riot-happy city of Portland, Oregon, declared peanut butter and jelly sandwiches “racist.” How so? Shut up, you racist hater biggit! Something to do with “white privilege.”

Your School Tax Dollars at Work: P&J Sandwiches Are ‘Racist’

Our public “education” system is killing our country. Keep it up, and the next century won’t find us here–maybe a name on the map, but nothing more.

‘Your Public Schools At Work Again’ (2015)

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Maybe the “educators” wanted to protect the zombies. 

Remember this? Virginia Beach “school officials” (LOL) suspended kids for playing “guns” at home.

Your Public Schools at Work… Again

The original reports had the kids expelled, but “school officials” clarified: not expelled, just “suspended” for the year. Thanks for explaining the difference.

When my father was a boy, gun ownership per capita in America was much higher than it is now. There were no school shootings.

When I was a boy, per capita gun ownership was still higher than it is now. There were no school shootings.

We didn’t get the massacres until we allowed Far Left crazies, like the “school officials” in Virginia Beach, to take over our country.

School Demands ‘Silent Cheers’ (2016, 2019)

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None of that noisy cheering here!

Grandpa, didn’t there used to be this thing called Western civilization?

There sure was, sonny–and it was great! It had air conditioning.

What happened to it, grandpa?

Son, it schooled itself to death…

‘School Demands Silent Cheers’ (2016)

There’s just no limit to what “educators” can come up with when they’re dreaming up incredibly stupid ideas.

A few years ago a school in Sydney, Australia, came up with “silent cheers.” They kept it going for a while until the whole world wound up laughing at them.

Why any parents would want to subject their children to “school officials” is well beyond me. Could it be nothing more than a really bad habit?

Banning Everything (‘Cause Everything is Racist)

Flawed Design, Lax Oversight Led to 'Astounding' Miami Bridge Collapse -  The New York Times

Built with pride! And nothing else.

Way back when, I taught at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. It was an engineering college then. Its graduates were expected to be able to design and build things that wouldn’t fall apart.

Now RPI has an “ethnomusicologist”–do you know what that is? does it have anything to do with engineering?–who has organized a major academic conference [groans offstage] to “explore” pop stars like Taylor Swift… and especially in regard to “the whiteness of her fans.” Am I wrong, or are these people starting to sound like Captain Ahab? Obsessed with killing the White Whale.

The conference will also probe how “country music facilitates reproduction of racial and gender inequalities” (https://www.thecollegefix.com/academic-conference-looks-critically-at-taylor-swifts-career-including-the-whiteness-of-her-fans/).

Well sheee-it! boys ‘n’ girls–that bridge you designed and built just collapsed with 200 cars on it, but so what? You’re clued into the whiteness of Taylor Swift’s fans! Really, what more could anybody ask in an engineer?

Damn, everything’s racist! You just can’t have any fun anymore! Gotta ban everything.

When are we going to have enough of this?

What Is a ‘Slam Poem’?

Slam Poetry 101: An Introduction — Mud and Ink Teaching

Garbage in, garbage out

Yeesh! Now I know how Pandora felt when she opened the dadburned box–that she shouldn’t have touched!–and all the evils of the world flew out.

It turns out there really is such as thing as “slam poetry,” which got invented when I wasn’t looking. It’s poetry to be read out loud, usually by children (oh, where do I hide?) and usually is meant to display some kind of left-wing twitch somewhere in the brain. Public school “teachers” are really high on this (http://teacheroffduty.com/20-slam-poems-you-can-use-in-your-classroom-tomorrow/). They’ve even got slam competitions.

Roses are red, violets are blue/ I changed my gender, so I’m better than you!

So simple, a 12-year-old can do it.

Parents! Do you honestly, truly, want these kooks “educating” your children? What do they have to do to wake you up? Burn the building down, with the kids still in it? Would that do it?

Kill the culture, and it’ll kill you back. Guaranteed.


Yiu Cant Saiy That!!!

767 BEST Duct Tape Mouth IMAGES, STOCK PHOTOS & VECTORS | Adobe Stock

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Yiu wood “be” sapprized at haow mutch Hat Speatch thare is!! Wood yiu beleave it?? Nhow thare are not-reely Blacke peple whoo “are” Wite Supreemacysts!!!!! and aslo hypspanicks who voated “For” Trumpt!!!!! This heer it has tobe Stoped!!!!

Wee “are” Tryingto get “a ” spatial Appt foar “our” cumpiutars that whil alouw us “to” instintliy Repoart al Mistakin Idears to “the” artharaties and Thay will has Ways to remoove Mistakin Idears “and” Put In progresstave Idears “in-stedd”!”! I think Thay can doo “it” whith Maganits!!!!!!! Thay are all reddy Dooing “This” in Chiner!!

Too menny peeple thay “are” Aloud to tawk annywhay! It shood be yiu has To Urn the rite to speke!!! witch yiu wood doo by saiying Ownly Progrestave Things!!!!! Lyke, haow Can yiu has Dyvercity iff peeple “are” awl Saying Diffrint things??? Thay shood awlbe saiying The Saim Things!!!! Progrestive things!!!!!!

Freedumb for anny boddy Butt Progrestives it “is” A Reely Bad Idear!!!!!!!!!!

‘No “Life Plan,” No Diploma’ (2017)

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Why do all the stories coming out of the Chicago school district sound like satire? This one, for instance:

No ‘Life Plan,’ No Diploma

Yowsah, yowsah! You gotta have a life plan–I mean, Life Plan–before you can graduate high school. Or so said Rahm Emanuel a few years ago, when he was mayor. If the mayor of my town ever said a thing like that, the school board would cry bloody murder and everybody else would just scratch their heads.

Whose “life plan” that he hatches out at 17 or 18 actually gets followed? And please don’t think public schools have done anything but get worse and worse over the past four years. “My life plan is to be an anti-racist superhero!” Uh-huh. “I’m gonna be famous!” Somehow. She’s a little shaky on the details.

Anyway, this story dried up and blew away when Emanuel left office; so who knows if they ever actually did it?

Portland School Board: Trees Might Be Racist

Pine tree tattoo by Ella at Wicked Good Ink Portland, Maine : ImagesOfMaine

So they were thinking about making an evergreen tree the mascot of their high school sports teams… but then the Portland Board of (LOL) “Education” had second thoughts.

Trees, they cogitated, might be… racist (https://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2021/04/trees_just_might_be_racist_portland_oregon_board_of_education_director_worries.html). Because, y’see, “trees” were sometimes used in lynchings.

It’s hard to imagine someone being lynched from a pine tree, but, hey, it’s the thought that counts! Or the lack thereof.

All lynchings were committed by people. Maybe people should be abolished, too–but only after they cut down all the trees.

We leave it to you to imagine what kind of “education” can be provided by characters who think like this. If we can even use the word “think” in this context.

Well, if we’re going to be governed by fools, we might as well have our children educated by fools, too.

Why we allow this is a mystery to me. Unless there are more numbskulls out there than we thought.

‘Child Suspended from School for “Threat” to Use Magic Ring (2015)

One Ring - Wikipedia

They thought it was real…

As we wonder how to save our country, we must not forget to keep asking “From what?” And the answer should include “public education.”

Bad enough our teachers’ unions are out-and-out communists. But look at some of the tricks they get up to in their classrooms: like suspending a child for “threatening” to use a magic ring he saw in a movie, The Hobbit.

Child Suspended from School for ‘Threat’ to Use Magic Ring

I have revisited this case today as a reminder that our problem runs a lot deeper than the politics. Think about it. Did the “school officials” actually believe this little boy had a magic ring, which he could use to make another child disappear? I wish I had one that’d make them disappear! What kind of, uh, “education” would these schnooks provide?

And what in the world can we be thinking of, subjecting millions of our children to such a travesty of education? And that’s when they’re not “teaching” gender-bending and what a no-good rotten country America is, etc.

It’s not just our sins that have brought us to this point, where we have to fear for the destruction of our republic. It’s our follies, too. And our so-called education system is the biggest folly of them all.