What Is a ‘Slam Poem’?

Slam Poetry 101: An Introduction — Mud and Ink Teaching

Garbage in, garbage out

Yeesh! Now I know how Pandora felt when she opened the dadburned box–that she shouldn’t have touched!–and all the evils of the world flew out.

It turns out there really is such as thing as “slam poetry,” which got invented when I wasn’t looking. It’s poetry to be read out loud, usually by children (oh, where do I hide?) and usually is meant to display some kind of left-wing twitch somewhere in the brain. Public school “teachers” are really high on this (http://teacheroffduty.com/20-slam-poems-you-can-use-in-your-classroom-tomorrow/). They’ve even got slam competitions.

Roses are red, violets are blue/ I changed my gender, so I’m better than you!

So simple, a 12-year-old can do it.

Parents! Do you honestly, truly, want these kooks “educating” your children? What do they have to do to wake you up? Burn the building down, with the kids still in it? Would that do it?

Kill the culture, and it’ll kill you back. Guaranteed.


Yiu Cant Saiy That!!!

767 BEST Duct Tape Mouth IMAGES, STOCK PHOTOS & VECTORS | Adobe Stock

Heer “at” Collidge our Stoodint Soviet we has taikin “a” Mayjer Stepp!!!! becose Its tyme we gotted sirius Abuot Hat Speatch!!!!!!

Fromb nhow on ownly Progrestave Speach it whill “be” Aloud!! So iff yiu has somb-Thing elss to saiy well yiu beter Not saiy It!!!!!!

Yiu wood “be” sapprized at haow mutch Hat Speatch thare is!! Wood yiu beleave it?? Nhow thare are not-reely Blacke peple whoo “are” Wite Supreemacysts!!!!! and aslo hypspanicks who voated “For” Trumpt!!!!! This heer it has tobe Stoped!!!!

Wee “are” Tryingto get “a ” spatial Appt foar “our” cumpiutars that whil alouw us “to” instintliy Repoart al Mistakin Idears to “the” artharaties and Thay will has Ways to remoove Mistakin Idears “and” Put In progresstave Idears “in-stedd”!”! I think Thay can doo “it” whith Maganits!!!!!!! Thay are all reddy Dooing “This” in Chiner!!

Too menny peeple thay “are” Aloud to tawk annywhay! It shood be yiu has To Urn the rite to speke!!! witch yiu wood doo by saiying Ownly Progrestave Things!!!!! Lyke, haow Can yiu has Dyvercity iff peeple “are” awl Saying Diffrint things??? Thay shood awlbe saiying The Saim Things!!!! Progrestive things!!!!!!

Freedumb for anny boddy Butt Progrestives it “is” A Reely Bad Idear!!!!!!!!!!

‘No “Life Plan,” No Diploma’ (2017)

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Why do all the stories coming out of the Chicago school district sound like satire? This one, for instance:

No ‘Life Plan,’ No Diploma

Yowsah, yowsah! You gotta have a life plan–I mean, Life Plan–before you can graduate high school. Or so said Rahm Emanuel a few years ago, when he was mayor. If the mayor of my town ever said a thing like that, the school board would cry bloody murder and everybody else would just scratch their heads.

Whose “life plan” that he hatches out at 17 or 18 actually gets followed? And please don’t think public schools have done anything but get worse and worse over the past four years. “My life plan is to be an anti-racist superhero!” Uh-huh. “I’m gonna be famous!” Somehow. She’s a little shaky on the details.

Anyway, this story dried up and blew away when Emanuel left office; so who knows if they ever actually did it?

Portland School Board: Trees Might Be Racist

Pine tree tattoo by Ella at Wicked Good Ink Portland, Maine : ImagesOfMaine

So they were thinking about making an evergreen tree the mascot of their high school sports teams… but then the Portland Board of (LOL) “Education” had second thoughts.

Trees, they cogitated, might be… racist (https://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2021/04/trees_just_might_be_racist_portland_oregon_board_of_education_director_worries.html). Because, y’see, “trees” were sometimes used in lynchings.

It’s hard to imagine someone being lynched from a pine tree, but, hey, it’s the thought that counts! Or the lack thereof.

All lynchings were committed by people. Maybe people should be abolished, too–but only after they cut down all the trees.

We leave it to you to imagine what kind of “education” can be provided by characters who think like this. If we can even use the word “think” in this context.

Well, if we’re going to be governed by fools, we might as well have our children educated by fools, too.

Why we allow this is a mystery to me. Unless there are more numbskulls out there than we thought.

‘Child Suspended from School for “Threat” to Use Magic Ring (2015)

One Ring - Wikipedia

They thought it was real…

As we wonder how to save our country, we must not forget to keep asking “From what?” And the answer should include “public education.”

Bad enough our teachers’ unions are out-and-out communists. But look at some of the tricks they get up to in their classrooms: like suspending a child for “threatening” to use a magic ring he saw in a movie, The Hobbit.

Child Suspended from School for ‘Threat’ to Use Magic Ring

I have revisited this case today as a reminder that our problem runs a lot deeper than the politics. Think about it. Did the “school officials” actually believe this little boy had a magic ring, which he could use to make another child disappear? I wish I had one that’d make them disappear! What kind of, uh, “education” would these schnooks provide?

And what in the world can we be thinking of, subjecting millions of our children to such a travesty of education? And that’s when they’re not “teaching” gender-bending and what a no-good rotten country America is, etc.

It’s not just our sins that have brought us to this point, where we have to fear for the destruction of our republic. It’s our follies, too. And our so-called education system is the biggest folly of them all.

‘Even More Incredible: “Have Sex with the Earth”‘ (2017)

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What could be a bigger waste of money than college?

Why, oh, why are we paying hard-earned money to idiots and lunatics to (ahem!) “educate” our sons and daughters?

And how much are we paying out to clowns like this?

Even More Incredible: ‘Have Sex with the Earth’

We probably have about ten times as many “universities,” ten times as many professors and instructors, as any civilization can possibly need. It would be a giant step toward sanity to close them down. Not all of them. Only 90% of them.

There is no excuse for” teaching” schiff like this.

The Darkest College Story Yet

Pin on Artwork I really dig Part 5

Complete the sentence and win a lobotomy! “I send my children to college to be educated by wackos like this because__________.”

We are funding these idiot factories, with our tax dollars and tuition payments. We are funding lunatics like this:

A biology professor at Marshall University has been placed on administrative leave–it must be practically impossible to get fired outright–for saying she hopes everyone who supports President Donald Trump will catch COVID-19 and “die before the election” (https://www.campusreform.org/?ID=15726).

Gee, that would’ve been over 60 million people, last time out. Probably more this time.

As if this outburst weren’t stupid enough, somehow the prof’s remark “surfaced” in the social media. We aren’t told what “surfaced” means. Could she have been deranged enough to have posted this herself?

University officials say they don’t approve of actually wishing death on people who don’t hold leftist political opinions. What they really object to, probably, is public outrage over this outrageous statement and a resulting sharp decline in enrollment… and less money flowing into the coffers.

Why are we funding these looniversities? Crikey, Charlie Manson missed his calling: he should’ve been teaching at a college.

This is what happens when you expand “higher education” way beyond the bounds of sanity. The idea that everyone must go to college is surely the most asinine notion in all of American history. Maybe even world history.

My guess is this loon will be back in the classroom when the heat dies down.

What I don’t understand is why parents don’t pull their kids out of there, pronto.

Ooh! He Said a Bad Word in Chinese!

Someday Soon, You Will All Be Speaking Chinese”—True or False? — Shanghai  Sojourns

The signs mean “I speak Chinese,” but fire the teacher just in case.

Being woke does not mean you have to know what you’re talking about.

A professor at the Looniversity of Southern California business school has been suspended for using a Chinese “filler word” that supposedly sounds like “a racial slur” in English (https://www.campusreform.org/?ID=15580).

I took Chinese in college, so I know what I’m talking about. Which disqualifies me from being woke.

The word in question is “nay-ga,” which in Chinese means “that” or “that one” and is often used in conversation as the Chinese equivalent of “um” or “y’know,” etc. It does not mean what the idiots at USC think it means.

Remember the Canadian town that was going to erase the number 4 from all its street addresses, because “four” in Chinese sounds, to the untrained English ear, like the Chinese word for “dead”? Chinese people have been using those words, without getting confused, for several millenia. But a few doofuses in Canada thought they ought to protect Chinese-Canadians from their own language.

But virtue-signaling requires no knowledge of any subject. So you suspend a professor for using a Chinese word because… well, because you’re ignorant but you still want to demonstrate your wonderful wokeness.

And they call it “higher education.”

Princeton: Racist Hell-Hole?

Four faculty members recognized for outstanding teaching

While their KKK robes were at the laundry

If you want idiocy, you’ll find it growing wild and free on any college campus. Princeton, for instance.

Two hundred Princeton faculty members have signed a petition demanding that university authorities confess/admit/acknowledge that “Racism thrives on campus” (https://diverseeducation.com/article/183161/).

What? The place is Racist even with you 200 jidrools running loose, in charge of educating da yout’? Doesn’t say much for your instruction, does it? I mean, really, with 200 of you yapping about “racial justice,” how come Princeton doesn’t have racial justice? Fell down on the job, did you?

One of the things Princeton can do to achieve Racial Justice, sez the petition, is “remove questions about misdemeanors and felony convictions from admissions applications,” because of course you should only be in jail for misgendering or climate change denial and locking you up for armed robbery or aggravated assault–well, that’s just Racist, and predatory policing.

Do they think they can’t fill their desired quota of Persons Of Color unless they bring in thugs and criminals, because there aren’t that many Persons Of Color who aren’t violent criminals? Dude! What about your own racism? I mean, your shockingly low expectations of Persons Of Color doesn’t suggest a terribly high opinion of them, does it?

Our colleges and universities grow more useless–and more toxic!–by the day.

Cut off the grants. Cut off the funds. We can’t afford them anymore. Cut off the money and let them die.

My Newswithviews Column, Aug. 1 (‘Deliver Us from Teachers’ Unions)

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A whole crowd of commies–and they’re all “teaching” in our so-called schools

Since I wrote this, I’ve learned that yet another teachers’ union, this one called “Redfored” (and they do mean “red,” as in communist), has sent a delegation to Venezuela to pay homage to its colossal failures. But the, er, “teachers” from Chicago got there first.

Deliver Us from Teachers’ Unions

Really–we must be totally out of our minds, to allow these commie wackos to “teach” our children. Do we have a national death wish or something? I sometimes think we do.