‘GQ: Bible “Overrated”‘ (2018)

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A magazine for men who care deeply about what other men think of their clothes sez you don’t need to read the Bible: it’s “ill-intentioned.”

GQ: Bible ‘Overrated’

Honk if you care what Gentleman’s Quarterly says about anything.

Somehow telling people about “50 books you don’t have to read” strikes me as advice you don’t have to hear.

[P.S.–Before I finished this post I got a phone call from an old friend whom I hadn’t heard from for some two years; and by the time we finished yakking, I forget everything I was going to post here today. It’s turning out to be one of those days…]

5 comments on “‘GQ: Bible “Overrated”‘ (2018)

  1. I don’t take a breath without consulting GQ. Ok, maybe not. 🙂 Who cares what these clowns think?

  2. I really wouldn’t want to associate for long with any man who takes clothing advice from someone who walks around with a 2-day stubble, seems not to have combed his hair after applying some sort of goo to it, has a wrinkled collar and tattoos all the way down over his wrists, and keeps his hands in his pockets.

    1. Why does that make me think of Bilbo and Gollum and their riddle game? “What has it got in its pockets, my precious?”

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