Surgery Tomorrow (Pray for Us)

Mr Bean doing surgery - BEAN - YouTube

No, it won’t be Mr. Bean… we hope.

We have to be at the hospital at 8:00 tomorrow morning for Patty’s hernia surgery. We are told she’ll be walking about of there sometime around 2 p.m.

That’s a huge deal better than I expected.

Meanwhile, I hope I can find some opportunity to post a thing or two tomorrow. (There’s always the Archives, by the way.) We are cautiously expecting this caper to turn out well, Lord willing.

8 comments on “Surgery Tomorrow (Pray for Us)

  1. My older son had a hernia surgery last year, and he did fiine; only had to eliminate a couple of his more strenuous tasks for a week or so. A friend also had this done just before that and he did fine even though his work was more physical than my son’s. Be encouraged.

  2. We will pray for her again today. I believe everything will go just fine. My wife, when we lived in the USA, had heart surgery (two valves replaced), and everything went just fine, and she walked out of the hospital on the third day. Even here, with conditions such as they are, the two surgeries I had recently, turned out OK.

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