School Board Cuts Music–It’s ‘White Supremacy’

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No more music! It’s white supremacy!

Facing an $11.5 million budget shortfall, the Olympia, WA, Board of Education has cut music courses and band for 3rd and 4th grades. But of course it wasn’t about the money.

Nope, not money. According to the board’s director, one Scott Clifthorne, it’s because music lessons are all about “white supremacy” and “institutional violence” (

“We also know,” he babbled, “that there are other folks in the community that experience things like a tradition of excellence as exclusionary.” Did you get that? “A tradition of excellence” is B-A-D!

Honk if you are even the least bit surprised that this jidrool is a white liberal.

Oh–and the school district’s enrollment is down. Gee, how did that happen?

Uh, whom, exactly, do these weirdos on the school board represent? Are the voters out there really that crazy?

Why in the world would any parents send out their children to be “educated” by these race-baiting idiots? Well, at least they won’t have to worry about their schools promoting excellence. Mediocrity’s the thing! And from there you can press right on to sheer stupidity.

I’d love to hear your answer.

6 comments on “School Board Cuts Music–It’s ‘White Supremacy’

    1. My music education is a huge part of my overall skill set. While I’m in a tech field, my abilities with math were honed in music. Music is a wonderful way for children to build real-world skills, from an early age, if they are given the opportunity.

      One of the wonderful things about music is that it is so accessible. If children have access to serviceable instruments, some of those children will display abundant talent, and developing such talent doesn’t necessarily require costly instruments or instruction. IMHO, music is actually a very positive thing for children in families that don’t have a lot of money, because it provides constructive activity and, hopefully, gives children an alternative to unwholesome activities.

    2. History shows us more than a few practicing scientists who were also deeply involved with music–and on top of all that, world-class chess masters, too. Mark Taimanov, for one, was a scientist, a concert pianist–and a contender for the world chess championship. And let’s not forget Morphy, Philidor, and Lasker.

      I’ve long been fascinated by the combination of music and chess skills. The combo crops up more than you’d think.

    3. Both are very logical pursuits. I, personally, am terrible at chess, but I have strong mechanical skills. I think that they are related.

    4. That one word sums it up, Insanity! They really have gone nuts!

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