A Nightmare

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You know you’re spending too much time in the nooze when it starts breaking and entering into your dreams. When that happens, the dream becomes a nightmare.

The other night I dreamt I had to ride to work every day with… Hillary Clinton! It was a long ride, and I couldn’t get out of it because it was some kind of compulsory car-pool thingy. And she talked and talked and talked all the way there. You couldn’t have a conversation with her, any more than you can have a conversation with a bowling ball.

At least we can wake up from nightmares. The nooze is there every day.

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  1. Sorry, but you mentioned a bad dream…here goes:


    I once had a nightmare, so long ago.
    It’s all faded and dim, but it won’t let me go.
    I dreamed the image deep in the night,
    It was silent and cold…what a terrible sight.

    Its eyes glared at me, how long I don’t know.
    They were listless and sullen, black just like coal.
    It hovered alone in the air like the mist,
    Then it shimmied and crawled and flopped like a fish.

    It jumped and it rolled around on the floor;
    Then it got up and ran through the door.
    My eyes were as wide as the moon in the sky.
    Next they fell out, and I wanted to cry.

    Then my feet, they just started to go
    Away after it, why, I don’t know.
    Fairly soon I caught up with that thing,
    Then it sat on the ground and started to sing.

    I just could not place the tune that I heard,
    But I still can recall every last word.
    The song was about a number I called—
    ‘Twas the friendly psychic, they’ll tell you all.

    The last thing I heard as I hung up the phone,
    “Your dreams will be pleasant, there in your home.”

    1. I did like “Imagine” when it first came out. But years later after I became a Christian, I pondered the words, my, my, what horrible and awful God hating Lyrics.

  2. A long ride with Hillary talking would be a nightmare indeed! A long four years with her as President would have been even worse — although some might say that we’re now in the midst of a long four years with Hillary and Bill and Barack operating a dementia-ridden old lying pervert as President.

  3. By the way, I was at a class at church all yesterday afternoon, I’ve been out doing errands all morning, and I’ve now come home to an overflowing inbox. Considering that I still have to do prep for a meeting tomorrow morning, I probably won’t be around much for the rest of today.

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