Lawyer: Hollywood Writers Can Be Replaced by AI

An AI bot wrote a movie script. The outcome paints the future of work - The  Economic Times

Let’s replace ourselves with robots! It’ll be great!

Hollywood’s writers went on strike this week; and an “A-list lawyer” has warned them that the longer the strike goes on, the more likely the studios will be to replace the writers with Artificial Intelligence (

If you think movies are already drab, flat, unoriginal, and dull… you ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

AI is, of course, an issue in this strike. The writers are caught between a rock and a hard place. If they call off the strike, the studios win. If they don’t, the studios will replace them with machines and the movie-going public will have to settle for tasteless pap.

Elon Musk and some other Big Tech giants have said we’re plunging way too fast into a love affair with AI and we’d better stop to think it over.

But when have we ever done that?

5 comments on “Lawyer: Hollywood Writers Can Be Replaced by AI

  1. Considering the recent Hollywood output, it could only be a step up in creativity.

  2. We’re already getting “tasteless pap,” so it doesn’t really matter whether the writers or the bots do the production of the pap. 🙄

    1. As a writer myself, I don’t like to think that some stupid computer can replace me without anybody even noticing. Admittedly, American script writing doesn’t impress anyone. But who knows how many truly great scripts get rejected by the jidrools at the top?

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