Good Grief! Our New Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff

Good grief” said Charlie Brown. It's taken me sometime, and now I totally  get that. | A Principled view

Well, Silly Milley’s stepping down as chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and the favorite to succeed him is named… Charlie Brown.

Reports: Air Force’s Brown Picked as Next Chairman of the Joint Chiefs

Gee, if we were stone leftids, we’d really miss Milley. He promised the Chicoms he’d warn them if he ever thought his commander-in-chief, President Donald Trump, was about to do something they wouldn’t like. People have been hanged and shot for less. He also said the two biggest threats faced by America are “white supremacy” and “Climate Change.” And this guy was a general.

Charlie Brown will be no better. He’s already said his big priority will be “removing gender and race disparities.” What? You actually thought the Biden Regime might dig up somebody who’s not a fat-head? Not a race hustler? Better go lie down.

Throughout our country’s armed forces, recruitment is down by some 50%. Thanks for that, General Milley! The Navy’s latest scheme to lure new recruits is to sponsor drag queen wing-dings. Yeah, that’ll work.

Things are not going to get better as long as there are Democrats running the country. They are only going to get worse because that’s how Democrats want it.

7 comments on “Good Grief! Our New Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff

  1. I guess Thoroughly Modern Milley wasn’t thorough enough — at destroying the military.

    1. It hardly seems fair that other people have been shot for doing what he admitted to doing… keeping the enemy informed of our plans. Whose side was he on? (rhetorical question!)

  2. America has never had such darkness come into our culture as fast as it has under the Democrats in the White House. On the bright side, we don’t have a globalist sellout like King Charles who can’t be voted out.

  3. Funny, that was also the song I thought about. And it’s been years since I heard this, but it’s still good.

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