‘Maybe This Time It’ll Work…’

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Another bunch of yo-yos

So a few years ago they start this high-end women’s fashions shop, with a cute name–“Anthropologie” which is anthropology spelled wrong–and the business takes off like a rocket and next thing you know, they’ve got stores all over the country…

In the next chapter of our story, you have to pretend that the Bud Light fiasco never happened, or else other business people never heard of it. Because what’s the next thing they do at Anthropologie?

Yup, you guessed it! Obviously hire some fruity-looking guy to model the newest women’s fashions and wait for mobs of women to show up with their checkbooks and their credit cards.

Or not.


The backlash was swift and terrible. They had to shut down both their websites, and then the furor spilled over onto other websites. Women were good and mad.

But really–having seen what happened with Bud Light and its dive into the Tranny Swamp, how could anyone in any business have decided to do the same thing Bud Light did and expect it to be different, this time? Is that Stupid with a capital S, or what?

Maybe if we all get mad enough, this woke **** will disappear.

7 comments on “‘Maybe This Time It’ll Work…’

    1. The Chinese would say “interesting times.” And they would mean it as a curse.

  1. This seems to indicate that the majority of Americans are with us when it comes to traditional American values. The Silicon billionaire types got rich way to easy and way to fast, so they looked to the old wealth for their clues, you know, the Rockefellers, Soros, W.E.F types, and don’t forget good old Bill Gates. They may own the Media, Central Banks, the Stock Market, and the U.N., but they don’t own our souls – they belong to Christ.

  2. “the majority of Americans are with us when it comes to traditional American values” that might be true, but are there enough that will push back against this kind of evil and insanity? There were not enough that did so for the lock-downs, face muzzles, and injections insanity.

    1. That’s because we believed Them when They said we were all gonna die unless we followed orders. That must never be allowed to happen again. And those who made it happen should be put to death.

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