Deer Digs ‘Sounds of Silence’

You’ve got to watch the background, because that’s where the deer is. The girl plays an old Paul Simon tune, The Sounds of Silence, on her harp; and the deer can’t help being attracted to it. Well, I could’ve told you–I once whistled a hymn for a couple of deer, and they stayed for the whole thing.

Stick around for the surprise ending.

5 comments on “Deer Digs ‘Sounds of Silence’

  1. Yes, the ending was a surprise. She played one of my favorite songs on her harp splendidly.

    I have seen videos of elephants enjoying the music of someone playing the piano. And other videos of animals, many different species, that seem to appreciate and take pleasure in music.

    The ability of our ancestors to create musical instruments, what a wonderful capacity and faculty God, our creator, has blessed, gifted, and endowed mankind.

    1. I was going to write those very words! Yes, I would have liked to hear the whole song. In fact, if she played a few more songs, I would have listened. And maybe, the doe might have brought her whole family to hear that beautiful music.

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