Providence at Work!

Video of 17-Year-Old Catching Child Falling From Apartment Building Goes  Viral

Some good news, for a change–

Two-year-old child hanging from the ledge of a second-story window, and nobody around but a woman in her 33rd week of pregnancy. Child can’t hold on, and he falls–but the woman, who has stationed herself below the window just in case, catches him and neither of them gets hurt (

We’re used to saying God moves in mysterious ways. But sometimes His providence moves in, well, action movie ways! What could be more dramatic than this incident? If that woman hadn’t come walking along just when she did, if she’d been a minute earlier or a minute later, there probably would have been a tragedy. She only noticed because the toddler threw a few things out the window before climbing out himself. It’s too bad, but toddlers need a lot of watching-over.

When is it going to sink in on this lady that God used her to save a human life? She’ll have to sit down…

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