A Nation of Rats… Brought to You by DHS

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Est. 1776, as a free country!

Just when you think this Regime has bottomed out, it can’t get any worse than this, this really is the limit… there’s another downward lurch.

Thanks to a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit, we now know that the Dept. of Homeland Security–remember? it was created to protect us from terrorists–has been working on a plan to recruit us all to inform on one another–rat us out to Big Brother (https://foundationforfreedomonline.com/dhs-video-series-to-target-peer-beliefs/).

This is “government-funded video training instructing her [hypothetical person: a ‘ suburban mom, a middle-aged pro-life advocate’] entire community to treat her as a radical…” In another hypothetical case, “bystanders” and acquaintances were encouraged to “call the sheriff” if somebody’s politics sounded not quite right.

And so on, and so on: “bystanders” are to be trained to “deradicalize” each other by ratting out their neighbors and family members.

Is this what we were told we were getting, when we allowed Them to set up a Dept. of Homeland Security? For this we took arms against the British Empire, and founded our own country? And hey, hey, watch what you say! Big Brother’s ears are all around you.

Spirit of ’76, we need you!

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