Raise the Voting Age to 25?

Vivek Ramaswamy | Hachette Book Group

I like this guy! Why can’t we have him in our government?

Vivek Ramaswamy–running for the GOP presidential nomination without a chance in the world of getting it–has more than just a couple of good ideas. His latest: raise the voting age to 25 (https://resistthemainstream.com/gop-presidential-candidate-wants-to-make-major-voting-law-change/).

Wouldn’t the leftids have a rug-chewing festival over that! And at the same time Pelosi the Nazgul wants to lower it to 16. Wow! Disenfranchise probably half the college crowd! Surely well worth doing, just to see the eruptions.

Tell you what, though, brother–you haven’t gone quite far enough. It would be twice as beneficial to the country to raise it to 50. By the time they’re 50, at least some people have outgrown college and left adolescence behind on the threshold of 40.

“Democracy,” a form of government our country’s founders tried very, very hard to avoid, is given to hysteria, fads, self-destruction, and preying on minorities. It’s based on mobs of nitwits being driven this way and that by demagogues.

I think we can safely say that a system that barfs up SloJo Biden as its president is in a towering heap of trouble.

3 comments on “Raise the Voting Age to 25?

  1. Considering that the leftists have been talking about lowering the voting age to 16, this is obviously just a thumbing of the nose at them rather than a genuine proposal. It also isn’t going to appeal much to the 18-25 voting demographic in the coming election.

  2. I watch Vivek every chance I get. I think the voting age should be 21 unless you are in the miliary and then 18 for them. I work in the high schools and these students are far from understanding our country and history to be eligible to vote.

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