The Early Joe Collidge

Georgia voters face hurdles with long lines lines and absentee ballots

Dambit, they saided “it” is Fryday wen reely “its” Therzday and so I hadded “to” whork Reel Harrd “jist to” rite this heer S.A. and “then It” terns Out its Not Fryday affter awl!!!!!!!!

I “was” goingto rite Abuot Eeleksion Rephorm becose “thay” teached Us Abuot It in Nothing Studdies and we has “Two” (2!) prombles 1} thay lets Crischins and Repubicans voat wen thay Shoodn”t” voat at awl (3![ and aslo //Oh shipt it shood of been !(1)// nhow i has lost Track “of” “the” nummbers!!\\ And The other promble is, we Shood awt To Let Every Boddy vote… even baybies and kids and evvryboddy who Is heer or who Comes heer jist to voat… EVVRY BODDY but them dadburnt Crischins and Repubicans and mayby aslo Strait Wite Mails too0!!!!!!

Nott ownly That! Butt aslo Eleksion Day it shood Be “yeer–rowned”” evvry day,, and yiu Can voat as menny Tymes “as” yiu want becose The poles thay “Are Opun” awl day evvry day and thare woont Be “no” Voater ID unlest yiu Identrify As “A Wimmin” and then yiu get twoo (2!!) voats instedd of jist “one” (1!!)!

And that is Haow “we straitin” Aout themb Ellekcions!!!!!!

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