Dem Gov’s Desperate Effort to Stop School Choice

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Vouchers! Let’s go get those vouchers!

To stop a legislative vote on a school choice bill that would provide education vouchers to persons at all income levels, North Carolina’s Democrat governor declared a State of Emergency–yes, an “emergency” (

What in the world can this mean? Are North Carolina’s public schools so awful that they’ll all be left empty within hours of the vouchers being made available? Not so hard to believe. But what would the state do with all those empty schools?

But what’s the emergency? And whose emergency is it? The public escaping from the public schools, to the teachers’ unions, that would be an emergency. To “educators” and school administrators with six-figure salaries, it would be an emergency. And certainly the groomers wouldn’t like it.

Well, any Democrat governor knows who butters his bread, doesn’t he?

And it ain’t the normal people.

5 comments on “Dem Gov’s Desperate Effort to Stop School Choice

  1. There was a chain of Mexican restaurants named Chi Chi’s. Allegedly, an error at one of their restaurants caused a hepatitis outbreak which sickened hundreds and killed four. The chain is gone in the US, and for good reason; they had failed their most basic responsibility.

    I am in favor of education; and absolutely want to see opportunity for education offered, it’s obvious that the public school system is not doing as good of a job as they once did, and even when I was in school, there were a lot of problems that they weren’t addressing well.

    It’s hardly surprising that parents want alternatives, and those alternatives threaten the comfortable situation of the public school system. What public school officials have apparently forgotten is that they serve the community, and not the other way around.

    40 years ago, Chi Chi’s was a bustling, growing business, but today, there is not one Chi Chi’s in the US. That would have been unthinkable in 1983, but it’s the fact, today. I don’t blame that governor for considering this an emergency; it is an emergency, because the entire business model of public education is threatened. The problem is, the educational establishment is not realizing that they are no longer defending eduction, but are instead defending the business model of public education.

  2. I listened to most of the governors speech. It really sounded like satire. He is promoting evil and calling it good, and calling good evil. All the so-called woes he spoke about, were good things, not wicked. What a wicked and malevolent man.

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