‘Fallacies of Pop Christianity’ (2013)

Love Is Love Yard Signs | Black Lives Matter Yard Signs

Touching all the bases… murdering your country with motives that make you feel Really Good about yourself!

I’ve run this post a few times over the years–not that I expect “pop Christianity” to dry up anytime soon. But at least the “Hate Has No Home Here” lawn signs seem to have passed away… although the “Love Is Love” signs are still with us: music to a pedophile’s ears.

Fallacies of Pop Christianity

Anyway, follow the rules of Pop Christianity and you’ll never have to worry about fitting into a liberal church; and you’ll always have a home in the Democrat Party, among “devout Catholics” (LOL!) SloJo and Pelosi.

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  1. It will be interesting to see how this plays out. There are denominations which are in serious trouble, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see more of that.

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