Let Sleeping Lizards Lie

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I find I’m sick of nooze today; so I’ll try something else.

The following story is 100% true. That’ll make for a change.

When I was 12 years old, somebody bought me a baby iguana–a little bitty green thing. My father built a nice cage and in it I put a couple of branches  so he could climb around (the iguana, not my father). He especially liked to snooze on the biggest branch, under the overhead light bulb.

Years went by, the iguana grew very large, and he became far too big for his favorite perch to hold him. If he tried to use it, it bucked this way and that and he usually slipped off.

Obviously it was time to replace the branch, which I did. A nice new branch, big enough to meet a grown boy’s needs.

Guess who sulked on the floor of the cage until his old branch was re-installed. As soon as I’d finished the job, he climbed onto the new perch–and draped his tail lovingly over the old one.

Well, heck, he was 17 years old by then–practically antediluvian, in iguana years. He’d had time to learn many behaviors that would never occur to any wild iguana. If he thought he was a mammal, who was I to correct him?

It’s no mystery why we love our pets, is it?


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