My Newswithviews Column, June 1 (‘I Now Pronounce You… What?’)

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It might not prove as cool and exciting as expected…

I decided this was a bigger story than I thought at first. Maybe the first rumblings of a New Lifestyle that we’re all supposed to bow down to.

Imagine the ecstatic joy of Far Left Crazy if they could wipe out even the idea of being married, united, to another person. If all children could be sterilized with “gender reassignment.” If there was absolutely nothing, absolutely no one, in their lives but the blood-guzzling behemoth of the State.

God forbid. And I trust He will.

6 comments on “My Newswithviews Column, June 1 (‘I Now Pronounce You… What?’)

  1. Years ago, before sodomite “weddings” were a thing, it never dawned upon me, that one man would call another man his husband. A few months ago, I happened to watch some cop drama, where one man was concerned for his spouse. I thought it was his wife. But when he said “My husband is in danger,” the light went on, and it really dawned on me, and brought it home, how sickening and disgusting the practice of sodomy really is.

    And while we’re at it, let’s take back the word gay. And never use it again to describe those who engage in homosexual acts or live that kind of perverted lifestyle. Never use it this way: “the city’s gay and lesbian people,” or “Gay Pride.”

    That lifestyle leads to an early grave. It’s not GAY, nothing joyous about it! Gay means jolly, jovial, merry, mirthful, or joyous, full of or characterized by joy. Adjective; brightly colored and showy.

    1. We are in an evil age.
      It’s VERY hard to find a British cop show that doesn’t include one or more commercials for aberrant sex.

  2. It was Bill Clinton that proclaimed June as Pride Month for LGBT. Now it is celebrated around the world, but not in Uganda, which is a Christian nation, where homosexuality is illegal. Don’t you wish we were a Christian nation again? The laws of a nation determine its religion. Our modern Supreme Court has declared America a secular religious nation.

  3. There’s only three types of people who would “marry” themselves: 1) Someone who can’t get a date, 2) Someone mentally ill, or 3) Someone who wants attention.

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