Jane Fonda: Jail White Males for Climbit Change!!!

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“White males, eh? You need to buy some poisoned apples, Janey!”

Q: How do you tell a leftist has gone senile?

A: What do you mean, “gone”? I thought they were born that way.

Jane Fonda, who used to be somebody, got the troops stirred up at the Cannes Film Festival the other day by blaming “white males” for a supposed “climate crisis” and calling for them all to be arrested and imprisoned (https://nypost.com/2023/05/30/jane-fonda-blames-white-men-racism-for-climate-change/).

It’s the end o’ the world, it’s white males’ fault–Women, Minorities Hardest Hit–and, by the way, “there would be no climate crisis if there were no racism,” because, ya see, “it’s all connected…”

Did I just feel the earth move under my feet?

We’ve only got seven or eight more years to escape Doom, Fonda the Sage drivels. “They’re all white men behind this.” But not white women. Anyway, it’s sort of a Unified Field Theory of Far Left bellyaching–climate, race, homophobia, transphobia, phobophobia, income inequality, finding hairs in your soup–

Enough, already. Someone lead this old nag out to pasture.

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  1. She was one of my favorite actresses, at one time, but I can’t even stand the sight of her.

  2. A number of years ago, I had heard she had become a Christian. Well, as far as I know, all she ever has produced is evil fruit, not the kind of fruit a repentant, real Christian would bring forth. So no, the stories are not true.

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