Trying to Catch Up (1356 B.C.)

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I am so late!

First, doctor’s appointment (vegetate in waiting room): he doesn’t like the state of my kidneys. If I take this substance that I can’t pronounce, personal disaster, he says, will likely be averted. And then off to the supermarket for our weekend’s supplies… and by then it was 90 degrees outside. That knocked me out yesterday.

Did I mention breakfast at lunchtime?

I know–I’ve got a nooze piece to write, and we want to check in with Joe Collidge. But by cracky, I want my cigar! And I’d better have it now, before the day gets any hotter.

See you in a bit, if I don’t wilt.

[P.S.–Ignore the date given in the headline. It’s somebody’s idea of a joke.]


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