Is IMDb Rigging Movie Reviews?

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Get woke, go broke

More and more movies are turning into stealth commercials for this or that aspect of the woke agenda; and fewer and fewer Americans are going to see those movies.

Because it now costs a mint to go to the movies, many viewers first consult movie review websites to help decide if a film is worth their while. One of the most popular sites is the International Movie Database, IMDb.

So Disney, the usual suspects, comes out with a live-action remake of The Little Mermaid, which was once a cartoon but is now a woke movie aimed at turning us all into compliant little leftids. And surprise, surprise, the movie tanks.

Well! We don’t want that to happen, do we? Enter IMDb… with rigged ratings to trick people into going to this movie (

IMDb admits that “unusual voting activity”–translation: bad customer reviews–has required them to apply “alternate weighting calculation.” Out of 34,000 customer reviews, 14,000 of them were one-star. Translation: a bomb. That’s a good 40% of all reviews. Ouch! But IMDb finagles the numbers to say 70% (!?) of the reviews were three stars or better.

This is how you flunk basic arithmetic. Hmm, that’s 110%. Usually you see totals like that in a voting district that unexpectedly goes for a Democrat.

No law or regulation says movie reviewers have to be honest. Such a law would not be enforceable. So reviewers with cozy ties to movie studios have every incentive to pump up the numbers.

Truth is not a growth industry, these days.

7 comments on “Is IMDb Rigging Movie Reviews?

  1. IMDB is owned by Amazon, and they fudged numbers for their “original” series, The Rings of Power, to promote their agenda (and probably has Tolkien spinning fast enough in his grave to power all of the British Isles and half of Europe). They help prop up the agenda, even though Disney’s something of a competitor–their sick agenda unites them.

    1. Y’know, I review movies here, and I see no point at all in giving any but an honest review. If there’s any impediment to that, I don’t write the review.

      But this is culture war, and the other side fights dirty.

  2. How about a movie review of John Wick. I don’t think Wick was Woke, but don’t bother watching, here is mine.

    I watched John Wick 4, but didn’t finish, too much bad language, repetitious and routine, run-of-the-mill sword and gunfight scenes, in which it takes 101 bullets to kill an antagonist, 39 kicks to the face, three bricks to the back of the head, and being thrown against a wall three times, before someone is put down, and even then, they just might rise again and again. Moreover, don’t ignore the numerous assassins he is able to defeat after finishing off the first 239, and still have enough stamina to continue on and kill another three, and on to the next four, and on to the next group of assassins, and on and on…and then on and on a bit more…did I say it was a bit repetitious? Oh, it also seems he had an endless supply of clips for his guns, but of course, he also used the dead guy’s weapons. Don’t forget the blind swordsman who can dodge bullets from a machine-gun and sword thrusts.

    After half an hour of the movie (which was all I could stand), by then he had already killed, single-handedly, just north of 3,521 badly behaved cutthroats. So, I began to cheer for the bad guys, hoping they would polish off Wick, put him in the ground, once and for all, and be done with it!

    On top of that, what is the reason Wick is massacring enough henchman to populate a large cemetery? If he can slaughter and eradicate whole armies of ninja trained assassins, the best there is, why not take his wrath out, destroy the Table, the organization that placed him in that position in the first place. In the first John Wick movie, the plot is clear, and there are reasons for the violence. But in the next films it was all downhill. Now, after sliding down the mountainside, Wick has gone off a cliff and hit terminal velocity. Enough is enough, please end this carnage and senseless slaughter, and produce a movie with a noble and respectable plot.

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