‘Immortality for Chowderheads’ (2013)

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Introducing… the New You!

Wasn’t that the first thing the serpent promised Adam and Eve–“Ye shall not surely die”? Millenia later, the same scam is still out there.

Immortality for Chowderheads

Well, it’s kinda sorta immortality, isn’t it? Load a bunch of your stuff onto a disc–or, even better, up into the Cloud–and voila! You’re still here 700 years later.

[And now I have to pack it up and take myself off to the doctor etc., etc. Then the supermarket. I’ll be playing catch-up all day. *Sigh*]

4 comments on “‘Immortality for Chowderheads’ (2013)

  1. These people are truly pathetic. If someone dies, and leaves behind a bunch of data, that person’s life experience has still ended. It doesn’t matter one bit.

  2. Imagine how lonely and boring such a “life” would be, even assuming the real person were still in the upload (as opposed to a scrapbook of souvenirs, which is all the recording would be). No relationships or physical contact with living people, no opportunity for new knowledge or adventures, no change of location except when someone else moves the equipment … and always at the mercy of whoever is custodian of the data. But after a while, dying would probably seem like a relief.

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