Health Hassle

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My wife and my sister (she’s a nurse) have been conferring about my health, since the doctor yesterday recommended I take this unpronounceable medicine for my kidney function. Draw ten Scrabble tiles out of a hat and you’ve named a new medicine.

Well, I was supposed to get samples of this stuff, and I didn’t–half my fault for misunderstanding the doctor, half his fault for not being clear. Calling the pharmacist was a spectacular waste of time, no one ever answered the phone. Finally I went back to the doctor’s office and got the samples.

Anyway, there’s my sister interrogating me on the phone, my wife thinking up many questions I should’ve asked the doctor, and me wondering whether I should take this unpronounceable stuff at all. Why won’t my kidneys just behave themselves?

I admit I’m a lousy patient. Doctor stuff just goes in one ear and out the other. It’s not in my skill set. Sort of like high school chemistry; I just don’t get it.

It’s convenient for me to rely on Patty and Alice because, thankfully, they both know more than I do, by a long shot. Deep down inside, “medicine” scares me–a lot–and I find it very hard to think about it. I grew up trusting doctors, but that trust evaporated some time ago. I don’t want Dr. Fauci coming within 50 yards of me.

Finally it’s decided I should take one pill a day along with my morning blood pressure pill. If I try to read up on these things it just doesn’t take. Science was always my worst subject in school. I didn’t get better at it later.

Up go the prayers, and hope for the best.

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  1. I’m sorry to hear this news. Will be prayiing. I can sympathize with you all the way on this. For many years I kept myself in good shape by reseaching vitamins and other supplements, but old age finally caught up with me, and with my experiences with doctors (my own diagnoses) which proved to be correct after they checked them out, well, you can imagine the rest. Prayer is still the best mediciine we have, so lets do that. Blessings.

  2. Lee, you know I’ll be praying for you as always. And I’ve come to distrust almost all medications and medical practitioners after what we’ve seen in the past 3 years.

    Not that I was all-trusting before. Au contraire, I refused the flu shots after having come down with the flu after every annual flu shot that I had to take in the Air Force. I’ve refused the shingles shot simply because I don’t see the point and I’m opposed to taking shots “just because” and “just in case.” (Regrettably, I had no choice in the Air Force, and I was punctured like a pincushion every year. As I mentioned, the flu shot always gave me the flu, and the cholera shot gave me a mild case of cholera.) And when my quack doctor prescribed an osteoporosis medication for me — Boniva, one of the bisphosphonates — something in the usual disclaimer enclosure set off alarm bells in my mind, and I did some research and discovered that although these medicines reduced the already minor risk of breakage to a slightly lower risk, they incurred (among other disturbing things) a 30% risk of esophageal damage. I said no thanks, I’ll go with the 4% chance of breakage rather than the 30% chance of choking.

    After that, I was REALLY suspicious of any and all drugs being pushed by doctors, not to mention expensive and invasive tests for things that I had no symptoms of. And after the way the medical establishment went haywire during the (ahem) late unpleasantness, insisting on things they had to know were useless and even dangerous, I don’t trust doctors at all. The only reason I have to keep my quack doctor moderately humored now is so (a) I can get my car’s disability placard renewed when necessary, and (b) there may be other things in the future that I’ll need a doctor’s prescription or referral for.

    I wish I could persuade my quack doctor to let me try weaning myself off all the blood pressure medications. But we have to choose our battles, do we not? At least I got her to reduce the dosage of the diuretic.

    Sorry. Too much of this. I just wanted to let you know you have a kindred spirit out here. And she’s praying for you.

    1. And then there are the medical commercials on the closed-circuit TV in the doctor’s office, warning of potential side effects like death, suicidal thoughts, body parts fall off unexpectedly, etc. But these probably won’t happen, so damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead!

  3. There are some serious ethical issues with the current pharmaceutical industry.

  4. My wife worked in a pharmacy and as a result we investigate deeply anything a doctor recommends and always search out natural products that are supposed to help along the same lines.

  5. Prescription drugs do not cure. But in some cases, may help with getting better. The real cure is eating the correct diet/food. And I stand with thewhiterabbit, always search out natural products for healing, not prescription drugs.

    When I first started having some serious issues with my prostate, one doctor also gave me a prescription, of unpronounceable medicine. My wife implored me to take it. Well, before I would swallow any of those drugs, I looked up the considerable list of side-effects. Near the top of injurious, serious, and life-threatening effects, was cancer of the prostate! Wasn’t cancer of the prostate what I was trying to avoid (why be uncertain, take this to make sure you get cancer)? I read that list to my wife, and asked if she still wanted me to take those drugs. She must have loved me, for a big enthusiastic “NO!,” was her reply.

    I think the best and most simple advice I have read on what to eat comes from Dr. Joel Fuhrman. He has written many books, including, “Eat for Life.” It all comes down to diet. Besides removing all white bread, sugar, junk food, GMO and pesticide-laden vegetables, and meat from your diet, he goes on and presents what one should eat. He calls it GBOMBS, which stands for Greens, Beans, Onions, Mushrooms (Maitake mushrooms are good), Berries, Seeds. Eating a balance of all these foods has for thousands of people, cured cancer and many other diseases. So, that is the diet I am now doing (along with a few supplements, green tea, and a few other things). I think the hardest part of this advice, is cutting out meat.

  6. Yes, that is true. But to cure many kinds of disease, many have abandoned meat. One reason, how the animals we eat are raised, is vital, as to whether it should or should not be eaten. I believe most or all of the meat found at grocery stores like hamburger, is from cows that were pumped full of antibiotics and other nasty drugs while being raised. And when you eat that meat, you are partaking of all those drugs given the beasts!

    Also, you might consider the diet Daniel, and his three friends, Hananiah, Mishael, and Azariah ate, and the outcome of their health after just 10 days of eating pulse (vegetables) and drinking water. “And at the end of ten days their countenances appeared fairer and fatter in flesh than all the children which did eat the portion of the king’s meat” (Daniel 1:15)

    However, if you eat vegetables that have been doused with round-up and other pesticides, it can cause great harm. In fact, some pesticides used by farmers is so potent, that if cows eat the grass sprayed with it, and the cow manure is composted, and you put that manure in your garden, the pesticide still has not broken down enough, and it can still kill many plants and vegetables. Yeah, it can ruin your garden for a number of years.

    Back in the days Jesus walked the earth, and when Peter had that trance, no animals were fed the crap, as are the farm-raised cattle, chickens, and other beasts! Nor were plants sprayed with pesticides.

    I have found that the numerous ailments I have had over a lifetime, were all cured with a change of diet, stop eating something, or start eating more of something else. I had headaches all my life, until I found out the cause, MSG. From than on, I checked all food labels to make sure it didn’t contain that ingredient.

    I could say a lot more, but its up to you as to what you want to do. But no matter what you decide, prayer should be used in great measure, and we will still pray for you no matter what you decide.

  7. That’s OK brother, we will let you take the meat with you. Meanwhile, we will pray that that day is many many years from now.

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