Coming Attractions: My ‘Jurassic World’ Parable

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Way too late to write this tonight, so be sure to tune in tomorrow sometime–I don’t know when, Monday is errand day–because we’ve watched all the Jurassic World movies, all three… and they have suddenly shaped themselves into a parable.

Now watch, someone in another time zone will write it all up before I can–but that won’t make it any less a parable.

Even from crazy movies, we can learn.

One comment on “Coming Attractions: My ‘Jurassic World’ Parable”

  1. Everything eventually becomes a parable of something else. That’s because man, alone of all the creatures, has the gift of reason — although considering the state of our culture today, one might think that the gift in most cases was sent to the wrong address or was marked “Return To Sender.”

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