They’re Coming for Your Kids

Nosferatu” and the birth of the undead

“Nosferatu” was only a movie. This monster is real.

This is war: no guns, no tanks, no planes, but war nonetheless.

California is trying to pass a law requiring parents to “affirm their child’s preferred gender identity”–or else. At the very least, lose any custody battles that might arise as a result of this (

Why are we doing this? Who benefits? If a 6-year-old wants to drive the family car, or have his or her own credit card, or vote in an election, it’s no way, don’t even ask. But puberty-blocking drugs and irreversible surgery–well, if you refuse to “affirm” that, they might take your child from you.

And people are tolerating this? Have I gone mad, or have they?

Can the other 49 states secede from California? Might be a very good idea.

Really–how far is this folly going to go? How many lives will it destroy before it’s stopped? And why, why, why is anybody doing this?

The bill inexplicably passed the Assembly in March. Now it’s the state Senate’s turn.

Their message is simply stated: “They’re our children now–not yours.”

6 comments on “They’re Coming for Your Kids

  1. The four goals on the Woke left:

    1) gain power (they started that by taking over the universities, decades ago)
    2) destabilize the system (that includes destroying the family unit)
    3) destroy capitalism (by blaming it for all the problems they caused in #2)
    4) usher in their Marxist utopia.

    Once they got the universities, they could churn out the politicians, teachers and “community organizers” that would help destroy the “system”. While they go on about things like racism, white supremacy, gender ideology, etc., all of that is just another step to destroying capitalism – or what they think capitalism is. Their Marxist utopia will be a world of no gender at all, but one filled with sterile they/thems.

    The scary thing is how far they have progressed, and how many useful idiots are willing to go along with their own destruction.

  2. That’s the blue states, the red states like Arkansas pass laws making child genital mutilation illegal and severe penalties on doctors who perform them. Joe Biden is the devil incarnate when it comes to this subject.

    1. It appalls me that this is being done at all. Anywhere. Can I say it seems there’s nothing too evil for Democrats to promote?

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