Stanford U.: A Funny Way to Save Democracy

Would you buy a used republic from these goinks?

Ah, the looniversities! They’re gonna get together to Save Democracy! (Didn’t Woodrow Wilson already do that? Or was that the abject failure that led us all into World War II?)

“How are they going to do that?” I hear you ask. Well, I don’t hear you, but you get the point. How are Stanford and Georgetown and Rutabaga U. going to Save Democracy?

Silly question! The answer is obvious. “Censorship!” It’s censorship, conducted by Far Left academics, that will Save Democracy and lead us to Utopia ( They call it “Project Liberty” (it only hurts when I laugh). Its stated goal is to “govern” how us plebs get information. has requested interviews with 50 of these nabobs and only ten bothered to answer at all. It turns out they don’t like to answer questions. Guess we’ll just have to trust ’em, eh?

“Project Liberty.” Hot dog.

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  1. AI is predicted by the Left to give us “Liquid Democracy,” which is majority rules. So, Christian believers, you are in the minority, so you no longer count as good citizens.

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