US Bishops Ban ‘Sex Reassignment’–Finally

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Took their time about it, didn’t they?

“It is He that hath made us, and not we ourselves…” –Psalm 100:3

Meeting in Rome this week, the U.S. bishops banned “sex reassignment” ( Seems it finally occurred to them that “no one is born with the wrong body.” Like, transgender is not quite the ticket, morally and theologically.

Question! Why did it take them so long to do this? Does it mean anything, that they’ve waited so long?

Another question: What will they do about rogue bishops who’ve hopped aboard the Transgender Express? (I’m guessing “nothing.”)

The point, Biblically, is that we do not make ourselves. That’s God’s job, not ours. But then what was the first temptation, to the first sin, offered by Satan to Eve and then to Adam? “Ye shall be as gods.” Stupid, sinful, clumsy gods… but you can’t have everything.

Well, the bishops have spoken; now let’s see what happens next.

‘UK Cops: For Shame!’

Meet The Keystone Kops | Silent-ology

You have to earn respect, guys.

Like anybody else, police officers want to be loved and respected. But they’re going about it totally the wrong way.

STEP ONE: Stop acting like Herod’s Men.

UK Cops: For Shame!

There has never been a tyranny, a dictatorship, or an orgy of misrule that wasn’t enforced by police who just follow orders, no matter how evil or ridiculous those orders might be.

When will they get around to formally incinerating the Magna Carta?

And I guess our Constitution will be next.

The Fambly It ‘Has’ Got To Go!!! Abolish the Family: A Manifesto for Care and Liberation  (Audible Audio Edition): Sophie Lewis, Sophie Lewis, Sophie Lewis: Books

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An Open Question: Why Do Libs Want Our Kids To Be Trannies?

Robot Religion - TV Tropes

SloJo Biden, occupying the White House, says it’s “sinful” to withhold “gender reassignment” from children. They should have all the drugs, all the puberty blockers, all the surgery they want–and their parents should just shut up about it ’cause the “educators” know best.

It should be obvious even to persons with limited intellectual capacity that these “sex-change” procedures are irreversible. Once they finish with you, you’re sterile. Forever. Even Democrats should realize this.

Oh, they realize it, all right. They just don’t care.

Globalists of the Bill Gates stripe have been braying for years, “Depopulate, depopulate, we’ve gotta depopulate!” Well, what better way to do it? Even if they aren’t allowed to sterilize an entire generation of human beings, they could still sterilize enough people as to make civilization no longer possible.

“Oh, that’s no problem! We’ll have robots to do all the work!”

Oh, well, if you’re going to make it that tantalizing–!

Robots are mindless. So are those who put their trust in them. “Those who make them will be like them, and so will all who trust in them” (Psalm 135:18).

Yes, I know I haven’t answered the question. Can you?

‘Thou Shalt Not,’ Joe

“Choice” means killing babies in the womb. These people say God likes it. They take His name in vain.

We are not to take the name of Almighty God in vain: that’s the Third Commandment.

But there’s old SloJo Biden calling himself “a devout Catholic” and saying it’s “sinful” to ban puberty blockers and the rest of the “gender reassignment” paraphernalia (

Biden dissed the state of Florida for not allowing it. Gov. Ron DeSantis replied by releasing photos of children’s mutilated bodies. I am not going to reproduce them here.

Joe isn’t the only evil godless Democrat to call himself “a devout Catholic.” If I were Pope I’d excommunicate the lot of them. Kerry and Pelosi come to mind. And there are Protestants of the same ilk. What could be more disgusting than a bevy of bent clergy grinning over their “Clergy For Choice”  banner?

Someday–God has already marked it on His calendar–the transgender mania will cease to exist. But the judgment over those who made it possible will not go undone.

Now It’s ‘Genocide’??? Nicedea Wind-up Chattering Toy Chomping Teeth Plastic Red Props  with Eyes for Party Christmas Halloween Favors : Toys & Games


The other day I got an email from some jidrool who’s been peppering me with his Far Left Crazy crap for years and years–despite the fact that I have never published a word of it and never, ever answered him.

But later on I did see a couple of headlines that said what he was saying. I refuse to link with them. Here’s the story.

Assorted Far Left loons, especially the LGBTQRSTUetc. contingent, have decided that it constitutes genocide to ban drag queens from kids’ classrooms and other public places, and not let them get their message out.

Once upon a time, “genocide” was ruled a crime against humanity by the Nuremburg Tribunal. It is defined as a purposeful attempt to wipe out, kill off, exterminate a nation or a group of people. No one imagined it would ever mean “not letting intensely perverted people mess around with children.”

It’s a pity that leftids have access to human language. They keep distorting it, turning it into babble. Blah-blah-blah. You have to watch yourself if you’re trying to converse with one of these: the words may not mean what you think they mean.

Here, make a judgment call. Which is more “genocidal”–

*To physically sterilize and psychologically disable as many young children as the teachers’ unions can get their hands on…

*Or to ban anyone from doing that?

Meanwhile, enter into chats with leftids at your own risk.



‘Women of Courage’ Award… to a Guy

Researchers Witness Cannibalistic Tendencies In Aegean Wall Lizard -  Reptiles Magazine

Bad enough I have to write about this garbage; don’t ask me to post pictures of it. Here’s a nice lizard instead.

[Thanks to “OhioChessFan” for the nooze tip.]

(Author’s note: Dear reader, you have no idea how wearisome it is, covering these outlandishly stupid events day after day.)

Well, well! The (ulp!) “First Lady” and the Secretary of State have given a “Women of Courage” Award to an Argentine government official (ran out of Americans, did they?) who is not even a woman at all, but a man (

No, no, no–a bit of surgery and a lot of drugs do not turn a man into a woman. Who but a complete fool would think it does?

This tranny got honored and “celebrated” by our country’s government for being the driving force behind Argentina’s Transgender Labor Quota Act. Now there’s a law that every country needs!

Our leaders are a never-failing source of shame and embarrassment to us.

If this wave of transgender mania is not the most asinine thing ever coughed up by a civilization on its way out, I don’t know what is. Do they think God doesn’t know? Do they think He doesn’t see?

Those who do these things will someday have to answer for them.

Pushback! Tennessee Bans ‘Drag’ Shows

Scarlet Tanager

I don’t post pictures of drag queens. Here’s a nice scarlet tanager instead.

Tennessee a few days ago became the first state to ban “drag queen” shows on public property near schools, including schools ( The state also banned “gender transition surgery” for minors.

Other states seem poised to do the same–Idaho, Kentucky, North Dakota, Montana, Oklahoma, and Utah.

We need to pray it’s not too late. It already is too late for some–children who will be sterile, and in need of medical attention, for the rest of their lives.

This is an inexplicable chapter of world history, this transgender mania. Maybe it’s the work of Satan. Nothing else seems to account for it.

Even so, we can rejoice that at least some of our states are trying to save the ship before it sinks.

Isle of Man ‘Pauses’ Drag Queens in Grade School

What is the Life Cycle of a Chicken? — K&H Pet Products

Do chickens take better care of their young than we do?

It sounds like pushback… but only time will tell.

A grade school in the Isle of Man brought in a drag queen to teach the kiddies all about sex (… because who would know more about it than a galloping pervert? A child disputed the wacko’s claim that there are “73 genders.” “You’ve upset me,” said the perve, and ordered the child out of class. Kid, that was your good luck.

Parents got wind of the incident and got up a petition to the head teacher and the island’s Dept. of Education Etc. So the authorities decided to “pause”–not stop, not erase, but “pause,” whatever that means–sex education on the island, pending an “investigation.” If they find “Nope, nothin’ wrong here,” the drag queens and their 73 genders will be back.

Honk if you think anywhere is a better place for bringing drag queens into classrooms. I’m sure your reasoning would amaze me.

Doctors’ Group (Finally!) Opposes ‘Transgender’ Nonsense

The Stoicism of Augustus - The Good Men Project

Augustus Caesar called them “Murderers of your own posterity”–and that was just senators who wouldn’t marry or have children. He never could’ve imagined what we get up to.

I don’t know how influential they are, but the American Assn. of Physicians and Surgeons has to be more influential than I am. And they have just come out strongly against “transgender” and “gender-affirming care” (

“Gender-affirming care” is a euphemism for lopping off healthy sexual organs and shooting children full of “puberty blocker” drugs. In almost all cases, says the AAPS, the patient receiving such care will be sterile for the rest of his or her life. The whole business requires “a lifelong need for medical, surgical, and psychological care.” Repeat: “a lifelong need.” You will never stop being a patient. The effects of this, uh, “care” are irreversible. But “doctors” involved in it… get rich! The number of these doctors increased by 400% from 2000 to 2014.

Does anybody really, truly, need to say this? “Changing physical appearance does not change biological sex.”

Hello? How many children can you sterilize before you put your country irrevocably on the road to extinction?

This madness has all bloomed during my own lifetime. I do remember a time when such things were unthinkable. Is this our civilization’s suicide not?

May God in His mercy deliver us.