*Sigh* Now It Rains

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It went for weeks and weeks around here without a drop of rain, lawns turned yellow, our poor tulips just gave up and died.

But as soon as I have a book to write… open up the floodgates. Anybody got a rowboat handy?

Forget writing indoors. All that does is make the phone ring off the hook. And look at the time–where does the day go?

Oh, all right… what’s in the nooze? When one is truly desperate, one can always fall back on the nooze.


2 comments on “*Sigh* Now It Rains

  1. I know what you mean about “where does the day go.” I’ve just had time to get home from a morning of chores, grab some lunch, try unavailingly to reduce the size of my inbox — and now I have to leave the house again. Bye. See you tomorrow, if God is willing and the creeks (pronounced “cricks”) don’t rise.;)

  2. I unfurled the patio umbrella and uncovered the patio chairs because my daughter is visiting for Father’s Day weekend, and it was sunny outside. As my wife and I ate a late breakfast the sky turned dark, so I put a tarp over the two patio chairs. Well, it poured, and the wind blew the tarp off and now the chairs will be soaked for the weekend- what a bust.

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