Fox Corp. Boards the Gay & Trans Express

Faux three dollar bill – Works – New-York Historical Society

Fox conservatism–as hokey as a $3 bill (“Fox” is “Faux”)

For many years we thought of Fox News as conservative, and paid little attention to Fox Corp., which owns Fox News.

And what happens when no one pays attention? Oh… stuff like this.

Fox News employees have leaked confidential documents to the Daily Wire–documents that show Fox Corp. encouraging its employees to read “gay erotica” and to donate to groups that surgically sterilize children and shoot them full of “puberty-blocker” drugs ( Fox Corp. is fully on board with the “gay” and “trans” movements. One might call them revolutions.

I can’t even imagine how my father would have reacted if the Ford Motor Co. urged him to read “gay erotica” and support groups that sterilize children.

Are all our corporations against us? Are they all lined up behind Organized Perversion? And if so… what in the world do we do about it? Just boycott everything we can? That might work. Or not.


Try to live according to God’s word.

Always speak the truth, even when they hate you for it.

I’m open to further suggestions.

3 comments on “Fox Corp. Boards the Gay & Trans Express

  1. Not particularly surprising. Jack Hibbs did a wonderful video, I think just yesterday, and mentioned 2 Thessalonians and the delusion that will affect the ungodly. I think that’s already started.

  2. It is done using the vehicle of ESG, something Elon Musk calls the devil. Three major multi-national investment companies, Blackrock, Vanguard and State Street control the Mutual Funds market and retirement and pension plans. They use ESG to push their social justice agenda.

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