Alberta Premier: ‘We Were Wrong’

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Alberta Premier Danielle Smith (probably doomed, politically)

When was the last time you heard this from a high government official?

“We were wrong.” (I’m guessing ” never.”)

But the premier of Alberta, Danielle Smith, has publicly said so. “We”–the government she heads–“were wrong.”

Specifically, she said, “we” were wrong about forcing people to receive experimental COVID-19 “vaccine.” Not only was the government wrong to do that, she said–but they will now try to make it right, at least as far as humanly possible. Those persons who lost their jobs because they refused “the jab” are to be reinstated, Ms. Smith said.

A township attorney once explained to me the legal theory of “the king can do no wrong.” With a lot of shifting and shafting you can apply that to a local government.

But I think we’re much better off with a primier who admits she was wrong–

And makes sure she doesn’t make the same mistake again.

4 comments on “Alberta Premier: ‘We Were Wrong’

  1. Wow, this is great. We need our Governors to come out publicly and say this. Scientists in this field I trust say the jab has killed more people than Covid-19. RFK Jr. is saying the same thing.

  2. I lived in Alberta when, after many decades and a slew of scandals, the Conservatives were voted out. The Wild Rose – another conservative party – was looking like it was going to win until the media kicked in with a massive campaign of lies and disinformation about how racist and homophobic they are, just days before the election, resulting in an NDP win. The NDP are far left extremists. The damage they did in less than a year was staggering (and one of their first targets was homeschoolers). Now, the Conservatives are back in, but another election is looming, and the media is doing everything they can to get the NDP in again. On top of that, many people from Eastern (and very anti-conservative) provinces moved to Alberta to get jobs, and brought their far left ideologies with them. They are easily swayed by the media lies. Of course, the media is subsidized by our federal government, and our Prime Dictator has been doing everything he can to destroy the one province that has been keeping the rest of the country afloat.

    Smith is in for a tough race.

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