Britain’s Got the Answer: ‘Controlled Spontaneity’

<p>Flowers are shown on Westminster Bridge, one of the scenes of the March 22 terror attack, close to the Houses of Parliament in central London, March 23, 2017. (Jay Shaw Baker/NurPhoto via Getty Images) </p>

The flowers were made ready in advance… just in case they were needed.

Back in the early 70s I knew a street theater troupe whose leaders spent the day doping out “planned spontaneous happenings” for the evening. Like a group shower, for instance. I had hoped never to encounter such an absurdity again… but today it’s a major project of the UK government ( The MEE news article is kind of long, but stick with it: it’ll blow your mind.

The object is to “control terrorism” by controlling the public’s response to it. So everything–and I do mean everything–is mapped out in advance, to be put into action within minutes of the next terrorist attack. Everything’s all set to go–the banners, the signs, the flowers for the dead, the chatter on the Social Media. George Orwell would gasp to see it: “By Jove, this is exactly what I wrote about!”

It’s hardly the Magna Carta, is it? No–it’s a plan for the total, down-to-the-minute control of public opinion and its expression.  That its very name is an oxymoron does speak volumes–eh?

“Let freedom ring.”

Not if the British government can help it.

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  1. The only thing you can do with such stupidity is…ha, ha, ha, ha, ha…. and a bit more…ha, ha, ha….

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