Cops: Dem Donor/Climate Change Wacko Started Yosemite Fires

Climate Change Fuels Significant Increase in US Forest Fires ...

Yeah, yeah–Climbit Chains, Income Inequality, and Transphobia cause forest fires. Not idiots with matches.

Stop me if you’ve heard this before.Well, maybe the names and places change; but the theme remains the same.

Yosemite forest fires, which last year destroyed more than 100 homes and forced the evacuation of 6,000 people… were set on purpose by a Democrat donor who wanted to see the fire blamed on “Climate Change” (

Don’t be in the least surprised if it turns out that last week’s Canadian wildfires were also set on purpose by some left-wing jidrool.

Police arrested the Yosemite arsonist a few days ago. Betcha he bragged about it and that’s how they caught him.

True to form, Democrats blamed the fires on “Climate Change” (“Government, more government, less freedom, is the answer!”); don’t expect them to change their tune just because the cops have caught the clown who did it.

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  1. Quite a few fires in Alberta are being investigated as possible arson. Lots of fires in Quebec also appear to be arson, though I don’t know that anyone’s bothering to investigate. Given how our Prime Dictator has been using them to push his climate agenda (and more taxes), I’d say it’s both left wing and eco terrorism at play.

  2. You are probably correct, its eco terrorism. However, the reason these fires can be used as a weapon which causes so much destruction in the first place, is long standing, wrong-headed forest management polices that have been in place for a long time. While trying to protect the forests, their polices help to destroy the forests!

    If we looked to God and His designs for everything, including forest management, everything would work out much better. I wrote about that issue in my book “Reindeer Don’t Fly.”

    Here is a bit.

    “…God has even designed fire to be a useful tool on his land. It helps keep His forests rejuvenated and fruitful by getting rid of old and diseased plants, clearing the way for younger and healthier trees and bushes to replace them. Fires caused by lightning are a common occurrence, and when it does not happen often enough, the underbrush and growth build up to dangerous levels, so when a fire does occur it will burn not just the underbrush but will spread to the tree canopy, engulfing the whole forest and devastating it…

    The Native Americans and, to a lesser degree, the early settlers, had a significant effect on the North American continent through their use of fire. These nations of people understood the great benefit of fire, God’s provision, and used it to modify the vegetation and create and maintain the diversity of ecosystems. Repeatedly using controlled surface burns every few years allowed them to keep large areas of forest and mountains free of undergrowth and small trees, thereby preventing uncontrolled fires that destroy everything in their path.

    It seems the U.S. National Forestry Service has finally learned this. On May 5, 2015, I found this story: “Feds Expand Efforts to Fight Wildfires by Reshaping Forests.” The article says:

    Other areas of the Coconino National Forest are blackened intentionally by fire, giving native plants a boost and any wildfire less of a chance to explode into something catastrophic…
    Returning parts of the forests to a time where trees were more spread out and fire naturally swept the landscape has spread out and has been credited with helping save the towns of Alpine and Nutrioso in the 2011 Wallow Fire…and with keeping last year’s Slide Fire from spreading into Flagstaff…

    Besides God’s provision for fire, His remarkable designs work well in every other function necessary for life. As an example, look at God’s method…”

    1. Just goes to show you how little these alarmists actually know about ecology and biology.

  3. God, what a master planer! Temperate Forests need fire!

    “There are a number of plants and trees which need fire in order to release their seeds and survive. The jack pine, which is native to the extreme north-eastern and central parts of the North American continent, has cones that are very thick and hard. They are literally sealed with a strong resin, which only heat from a forest fire can melt to allow the cone to open and release the seeds. Similarly, the cones of the giant redwood3 and sequoia trees of California, which can tower well over 300 ft and grow to 50 ft in diameter, can contain up to 200 seeds and take about two years to mature. After maturity, they will remain sealed within the cone until the heat from a forest fire causes the cones to open and liberate their seeds.”
    -“Reindeer Don’t Fly”-

  4. Yeah, just to add a bit, when the forests don’t get what they need (FIRE every few years), because of the polices of the U.S. National Forestry Service -great devastation follows, of trees and homes.

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