Hollywood’s ‘Woke Suicide’

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If you think new movies already stink to high heaven, brace yourself–you ain’t smelled nothin’ yet.

To be eligible for Oscar nomination in 2024, movies will have to conform to a quota system that racks up points for a movie’s “inclusion” of “underrepresented groups” and other cherished minorities (https://www.revolver.news/2023/06/hollywood-just-realized-they-committed-woke-suicide-and-theres-nothing-they-can-do-about-it/)

It’ll be story, schmory–have you touched all the PC bases in your cast? We don’t care that the movie sucks! As long as 30% of your cast and at least one major character represent an underrepresented group.

Actor Richard Dreyfuss (Close Encounters, Jaws, etc.) says the new quota system makes him physically ill. It stifles creativity. (Ya think?)

Hollywood is already losing scads of money this year, and last year, too, cranking out one ratings bomb after another, with a lot of “LGBTQ+ flops that no one wants to see.” And lots of Invincible Female Super-(can I say “heroes”?). Somebody’s going to come along and make movies that actually entertain people, and they’ll finish off what’s left of Hollywood.

Just remember, all you industries out there: they did this to themselves.

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  1. What will happen is that they will lose all relevance. It’s already starting to happen. I’ve probably been in a movie theater once, on the last 20 years, and that was an industry event where they rented a movie theater during off hours in order to make a presentation.

    My point is that I don’t care what movies are being made these days. I don’t care in the slightest, and neither do I care what is on TV. Oscars? I’m not impressed. I don’t care who wins a Grammy, or is inducted into the Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame. These are manmade distinctions and only as important as I allow them to be. In my case, they have zero importance. I’m not obligated to play along. Perhaps, more to the point, my opinion is not shaped by these awards.

    At the root of all this, IMHO, is idolatry. If someone wins an award, there are people out there who will be overly impressed. At the end of the day, Oscar winners, Grammy winners, etc. are as human as anyone else. The organizations which offer various awards are only as meaningful as the investment of trust people place upon them. The Academy Awards are losing relevance to the average person. They will go on, at least for the foreseeable future, but the average person will not care.

    1. You’d think they’d care about losing their audience… but for some reason, they don’t. Ditto Bud Light, Target, etc. I can’t imagine why they don’t care.

  2. The Christian movie making industry is growing leaps and bounds. On July 4th “The Sound of Freedom” is being released. See it and support Christian endeavors. Oscar wining Jim Caviezel stars in it.

    1. I just watched the Trailer. Wow, moving. God bless Jim Caviezel and all Christian endeavors in the movie industry or other mediums. Another of Caviezel’s movies was, “The Count of Monte Cristo.” Although not a true story, but a wonderful movie just the same. We need more movies such as these two.

    2. I’ll second (third?) Caviezel’s “Count”. I 95% of the time prefer the book over the movie, but Dumas’ story, while interesting, meandered all over the place. The movie’s narrative was much tighter, far more tense and satisfying. (The masked ball entrance is my favorite part, especially with the delivery of his greeting.)

  3. There are a few likely reasons for this seeming suicidal bent. One is that they’re being threatened by the various Woke Mafias, and they stand to lose more in legal costs than they’re losing at the box office. So it’s either go broke by going woke, go broke by not going woke, or go broke by not producing anything.

    Another possibility is that they’re really dedicated ideologues and they know that even if a given movie flops, the very act of getting the material into the public eye gradually inures the public to seeing it — i.e., they move the Overton window further and further toward their goal by inches. (Think about how many formerly unthinkable and/or unspeakable things have become thinkable and publicly spoken — if only in order to express outrage about them — in the past 20 years.)

  4. If they don’t check all the right boxes, they will not be eligible for Oscar nomination? That is a blessing. The last nail in the coffin of evil. We don’t need the Oscars, not many watch that evil anymore anyway. A new award can be promoted, which is yet to be named, and it will rise from the ashes of the Oscar.

    But we need to keep a lid on this, bring back the standards that ruled the movies up to the 70s. The time before the “F” word was ever heard on TV!

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