‘Vanquish the Left’ (Deroy Murdock)

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I had never read Deroy Murdock; but today I came upon a column he wrote for jewishworldreview.com… and he is on target! And we need to listen to him.


The Left is not only wrong, he asserts: it is evil. It has engineered “an alarming collapse of social cohesion that is propelled, by something bigger…” It is “America’s volcano of evil.”

I won’t try to imitate his eloquence. Read the column, it’ll be well worth your while.

There is no compromise possible; things have gone much too far for that. We are not up against reasonable people. No more Hubert Humphrey, no more Joe Leiberman–just a lot of out-to-lunch barbarians who will destroy our civilization if they can. There can be no meeting of the minds.

America must resolve to defeat the Left–utterly, thoroughly, root them out of power wherever they sit, take away their funding… and, as Churchill said, “Never, never, never, never give in.”

5 comments on “‘Vanquish the Left’ (Deroy Murdock)

  1. I have never read Mr. Murdock before, but now I am a big fan.

    Yes! Amen! So be it! Yes indeed! Jesus said things like Deroy Murdock, howbeit, just a bit differently. Now, go and do likewise.

  2. As Karlyn Borysenko states in her Actively Unwoke articles: you cannot reason with the woke left. They do not see you as human. They crave power above all else, and they fear loss of control more than anything else. You cannot reason with the Woke. You cannot compromise with them. They don’t live in the same world as the rest of us.

  3. No matter how outlandish or radical something is proposed legislatively, the Democrats in Congress always vote in lock step. One party system always tends to dictatorship, and Biden definitely is a wannbe.

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