Witnesses: COVID Scientist ‘Fell’ Off Roof

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“Dead men don’t bite.”  –Long John Silver

The story’s only breaking now, three years later; but it seems that in 2020 a Chinese scientist at the Wuhan lab, a discoverer of COVID and, indeed, the owner of a patent on it–well, it seems some witnesses saw him “fall” to his death off the roof of a building (https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/22732205/chinese-scientist-vaccine-patent-dead-wuhan-lab-leak/).

It is said he worked on a COVID-19 vaccine “long before” the infamous “lab leak” was reported. At the time, he was working with The People’s Liberation Army (oh, those communists) on developing bioweapons.

As Long John Silver used to say, “Dead men don’t bite.” It looks like somebody decided this scientist could bite the Party if he wanted to, so they chucked him off the roof.

Are we glad our–ahem!–“president” has such cozy relations with the Chicoms?

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  1. He also must have been a friend of the Clinton’s. Lots of dead bodies around those wonderful folks.

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